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Our defining approach to creating caring elder communities:

Learning Campus. Our programs and approaches combine research and educational principles with techniques that our resident and family members have taught us about dementia care — a truly individualized experience. AgeSong offers a variety of educational, cultural, and social programs, and we encourage residents, their families, staff, interns, and community members to participate.

Vibrant and Healing Environments. AgeSong uses natural materials, light, color, and sound to support health and healing. Our comfortable ambience is enlivened by the spirited attitudes of our staff, residents, students, volunteers, interns, and family members.

Integrative Care and Services. Here at AgeSong, we are continually adapting to residents' newfound needs. Our comprehensive care coordination supports even the most challenging activities of daily living, allowing residents to feel secure and at home.

Challenging Current Attitudes. Our own attitudes about aging affect how we see our elders and ourselves. AgeSong promotes the idea and practice of embracing aging. Given there is a strong societal belief that aging equals decline, we are committed to shift this attitude towards one that celebrates aging as maturing. AgeSong encourages people to be who they are, at any age.


Hayes ValleyAgeSong Communities: Hayes Valley  I  Laguna Grove  I  WoodPark  I  University

AgeSong at Hayes Valley Hayes Valley Care
601 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 252-1128 | Fax (415) 864-8904
E-mail hayesvalley@agesong.com

RCFE# 385600372

As we age, we deserve to live in an atmosphere that affords us the freedom to be and become who we truly are. Located in San Francisco's vibrant Hayes Valley neighborhood and set in a beautifully restored Victorian, the assisted living community of AgeSong Hayes Valley imbues a therapeutic feel throughout and serves up to 40 residents. Many rooms feature large windows, allowing natural light to integrate the inner and outer communities. The residential care programs at AgeSong Hayes Valley offer a different approach to elder care. By integrating our inner community with our outer surroundings, and by offering residents encouragement, support, and opportunities for growth, our high needs assisted living, and dementia care programs counter loneliness and isolation, and encourage learning and community involvement.



Laguna Grove

AgeSong Communities: Hayes Valley  I  Laguna Grove  I  WoodPark  I  University

AgeSong at Hayes Valley Laguna Grove Care
624 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 318-8670 | Fax (415) 864-8904

RCFE# 385600373

Located in San Francisco's vibrant Hayes Valley neighborhood, the community at AgeSong Laguna Grove offers assisted living in a modern airy building which features abundant natural light and panoramic views from Zen and rooftop gardens, providing a therapeutic feel throughout.


AgeSong Communities: Hayes Valley  I  Laguna Grove  I  WoodPark  I  UniversityLaguna Grove

AgeSong at WoodPark WoodPark Care
3121 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 842-3192  I  Fax (510) 698-4674
RCFE License # 019200460

AgeSong WoodPark is pleased to offer AgeSongLiving's unique approach to eldercare, a rich, colorful, culturally diverse assisted living community. What makes the AgeSongLiving approach unique and especially relevant to WoodPark is our view of aging as growth and expansion.

In appreciation of what our elders have giving to us over their long and fruitful lives, staff members provide individualized care and an extensive enrichment program, enhanced by the support of the Pacific Institute's Gero-Wellness Intern Counselors, International Visitors, and Community Volunteers.

AgeSong WoodPark offers levels of care based on each resident's particular needs. Whether it's for independent living, assisted living, memory care, or specialized behavioral/ emotional care, our dedicated staff, psychology and social science interns, and volunteers provide compassionate, attentive services — all in a warm, welcoming environment. We also offer coordination for hospice care, nursing services, home health care, and case management services.

No matter what level of care, AgeSong services free all residents from housekeeping, cooking, maintenance, and other tasks — so they can explore personal interests, remain involved in their communities, be open to new experiences and learning, and enjoy senior living.


Our Commitment to Diversity 

Our resident population is ethnically and culturally diverse, as is our staff. It is the goal of all carepartners to make our residents feel comfortable. Many of our carepartners are multilingual, and many of our residents appreciate being able to communicate with our staff in languages other than English. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, or disability.


AgeSong University

AgeSong Communities: Hayes Valley  I  Laguna Grove  I  WoodPark  I  University

AgeSong University

AgeSong University
350 University Street, San Francisco, CA 94134
Phone: (415) 337-1587 

Fax: (415) 337-1573 
RCFE License # 385600402

AgeSong University provides outstanding care to residents in the newest AgeSong community. We strive to create an environment that is culturally and economically diverse. Since 1884 the site has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of the aging population in San Francisco, and that process continues today.

The original benefactor of the 350 University property, James Lick, was among the wealthiest men in California and upon his death in 1876, he was persuaded to leave a substantial portion of his wealth to a variety of social and scientific causes, including $700,000 to establish the Lick Observatory and $100,000 to establish a home in San Francisco for "the aged and needy ladies who have no resources of their own".

Our elegant front parlor has a fireplace, comfortable seating, and a grand piano and the circular driveway in front of the building, along with the adjacent parking, simplifies transportation issues. The spacious, cheerful dining room has floor-to-ceiling windows (pictured above) and visitors are welcome, and the bright sunroom is perfect for residents who play cards or games, or have small gatherings. There is also the chapel, with its wood-beam ceiling, is a peaceful place where non-denominational services are held on Sundays, as well as the private backyard and garden features benches, raised planters, accessible walking paths, and is safely enclosed by a fence and locking gates. AgeSong University is close to public transportation by Muni (Lines #29, #44, and #52) and BART.


The AgeSong Forget-Me-Not Café
602 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 • 415 861 1381

Elder Food and Elder Values For a New Planet
— An intergenerational meeting place nourishing body, soul and spirit.

Forget-Me-Not Cafe

The Forget Me Not Café serves ‘elder food’, a new way of eating and looking at what and how we eat. Elder food is a sustainable food choice, good for planet and people. Elders are understood as wise people who live in harmony with people and planet. Elder food is thus food our elders would appreciate and promote in our world where we must share our resources more carefully and lovingly. Our food is right-sized, organic and local. It is creative, whimsical, delicious, fun, inexpensive, always changing and full of surprises – just like life itself.

At the Forget Me Not Café we understand eating also as a social event that brings people together so that they can exchange ideas, warmth and care through conversation and deep connection. We are an intergenerational meeting place that promotes learning between the ages, different life experiences and knowledge. The Forget Me Not Café brings forth elder values – such as patience, compassion, acceptance, mindfulness – that have often been marginalized in our fast paced world of today.

Our restaurant is located inside a care home for elders and was created to integrate the beauty and value of aging and of old age into our larger community. Traditionally those homes are called assisted living communities. At AgeSong we call them AgeSongLiving communities that nurture body, mind and soul. The AgeSong Forget Me Not Café highlights the wisdom that comes with aging, life experience, and life-long learning. It cherishes the aging process as one that allows us to mature and deepen as people. We look forward to growing old and wise and understand our aging as an opportunity and resource, not a liability of which to be ashamed or countered by anti-aging products. 



Assorted Coffees
Assorted Teas by Leland Tea
Daily offering of Lemonade on Parade
• Lemon Cucumber Cooler    • Berry Lavender Cooler
• Sparkling Peach Spritzer    • Hibiscus Mint Lemonade
• Watermelon Lemonade Refresher

Daily offering of Wholesome, Warm Fulfilling Soups
• Pesto Vegetable    • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
• Minestrone    • Chicken Noodle Soup
• Roasted Tomato Soup    • Pasta Fagioli

4 Cheese Grilled Panini
Smoked Gouda, Sharp Cheddar, Havarti and Muenster all grilled to ooey gooey perfection, the perfect dunking sandwich

Chicken Ginger Lettuce Wraps
Finely Chopped Marinated Ginger Chicken served on a bed of cabbage, shredded carrots, green onions and pineapple served in a fresh Boston Lettuce Leaf Cup.

Freekah & Pea Salad
Whole Grained Wheat combined with fresh Peas, Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar and Dijon Mustard. SuperFood!!!

Parsley Arugula & Red Pepper Pesto Pasta Salad
Penne Pasta Coated in Fresh Pesto, tossed with Parsley, Red Peppers and Arugula

Tomato Tartlets
Small heirloom tomatoes roasted in a herbed crust until the tomatoes burst, topped with Gruyere Cheese and Fresh herbs

Lemon Zinger Bundt Cake
Chocolate Cherry Chunk Cookies



The Forget Me Not Café is part of AgeSongLiving and is managed by AgeSong Management.




WoodParkForget Me Not Cafe Laguna Grove Hayes Valley University

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