Our New Community: AgeSong University

After several months of negotiations, Agesong was able to save “University Mound Ladies Home” from closure. With the creation of AgeSong University, this historic site, serving elders for over 125 years, will continue to promote Elder Care Education, as well as embracing the role of elders as wisdom keepers and the AgeSong Vision.


Eldership refers to the attitude of a person who has qualities of an elder. These qualities are of ageless nature, have endured the test of time. As such, they provide our culture with a compass, a guide to life and living. It is the vision of AgeSong to promote such eldership and help re-establish its role in our societies.


Re-establishing the role of the elder in society necessitates changing perceptions of aging. Rather than understanding the aging process as a decline in human abilities, AgeSong promotes a view that understands aging as affording us the ability to mature, to become more fully and truly human. Aging is understood as a positive attribute to living, as a deepening of our awareness of life, of meaning and purpose.

The original benefactor of this historic site, James Lick, was among the wealthiest men in California and upon his death in 1876, he was persuaded to leave a substantial portion of his wealth to a variety of social and scientific causes, including $700,000 to establish the Lick Observatory and $100,000 to establish a home in San Francisco for “the aged and needy ladies who have no resources of their own”.

Everyone throughout AgeSong welcomes the residents, family members, and care partners at AgeSong University!

3 thoughts on “Our New Community: AgeSong University

  1. Congratulations y’all. Excellent outcome.

  2. I have lived in this neighborhood all my life and am happy to see that Agesong was able to purchase the University Mound Ladies Home as I believe the building is much more suited to this purpose than as a school. One comment, however, it is really too bad that Agesong prefers to fly their own flag rather than the American Flag as was the long-standing tradition.

  3. Laura,

    We are thankful to share this beautiful space with such gracious neighbors like yourself. One aspect of the AgeSong vision is community engagement through mindfulness. I will share your suggestion to fly the American Flag with the leadership team. Thank you for taking time to communicate with us. Stop by and say hello some time? My name is Taran.