AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation and Training – Day 1: Intro [video]

Dr Nader Shabahangi Opens the AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation and Training Sessions

New Interns and Returning Interns get introduced to the Gero-Wellness Program, Christina and Vincent as well as each other with an “icebreaker” activity that has interns pairing with someone they do not know and interviewing them. The pair will then introduce each other to the group in the first session of the day.

This is the first video in a 14-part series of videos from the AgeSong 2014 Gero-Wellness Intern Orientation. Check back with us to see more of these videos Video Library Page. All of the 2014 series will be conveniently available for you to watch on the Video Library page here.

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