AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation: Professional Expectations

Christina and Vincent Sienkiewicz, AgeSong Clinical Director,  discuss Professional Expectations in the AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation Day 2 Session 1 video.

Christina asks the group “when we talk about Professional Expectations what comes to mind?” The group share the words that they think of when they hear the terms “Professional Expectations” and “Professionalism.” The compiled list includes:

Appropriate Dress
Corporate Culture
Open Communication
Respectful Language
Appropriate and Reasonable Silliness
Procedures and Protocols
Accepting Variability in Perceptions
Team Player
Scope of Practice
Respect for Colleagues
Position/Job Expectations
Awareness of Mileu/Context
Seeking guidance
Respect and Dignity for Self and Elders
Fulfillment of Obligations
Understanding ones own Ethics

Accommodating Differences in Perception Regarding Definitions

Christina starts the discussion off by mentioning that as she is looking at this list she is wondering if some of us have different definitions for some of these terms?

How we do resolve a conflict of difference in perceptions of a definition? Some possible actions are:

    • Asking what the other is experiencing right now.
    • Giving someone the benefit of the doubt, being open, being curious about how they are experiencing the situation. Being open to hearing about how the other person is experiencing.
    • Realizing “it might not be all about me.”
    • Sit down with each other and set agreed upon defintions.

What do Professional Boundries look like in the AgeSong Environment?

There can be shades of grey in an AgeSong humanistic eldercare environment which is why Open Communication is important.

Short discussion on “Maintaining a Scope of Practice,” ie: staying within scope of what your trained and licensed to do.

At AgeSong the environment is Humanistic and you are working where the residents live. This is can be a different environment than if you are seeing them just when they come to your office. You have to hold the reality that you are a clinician and yet there might be situations where perhaps the resident might want a hug.

Discussion on the boundaries of “Appropriate Touch.” Knowing what your boundaries are, what situations might arise in an AgeSong environment and be ready to respond. Important to consider asking if the Resident is comfortable being touched.

Be mindful that you are in people’s home, keep in mind confidentiality; do not break anyone’s trust.

Safety mindfulness given that AgeSong is not an encapsulated environment…AgeSong residents, interns and CarePartners spend quite a bit of time outside the residence.

      • Important items to keep in mind to make this a safe situation regarding confidentiality:
      • Try to keep conversations indoors and behind closed doors.
      • Do not discuss identifying information.
      • Go on the “Need to Know” principle.


The session ends with a discussion about phone use and a short talk about paperwork.

The AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation: Professional Expectations video is one of the AgeSong Educational Series videos. The video of the session is one of many filmed during the two-day orientation for the AgeSong Gero-Wellness. These orientation sessions are the first training sessions that the interns will engage in during their 1-year internship in the Gero-Wellness.

View the AgeSong Educational Series videos here on our AgeSong Library of Videos page.

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