AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation Day 2 Session 2 video

Sally Gelardin, Ed.D., M.A., Regional Engagement Director, leads this session and discusses Therapeutic Groups at AgeSong Residences in the AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation Day 2 Session 2 video. She is joined by Kyrie the liaison between the Enrichment program and the Gero-Wellness program.

A Quick Intro to Paperwork

The session starts off with a quick discussion lead by Vincent about some of the paperwork the interns will be working with immediately. He introduces the interns to the Initial Assessment and the wrap-up paperwork, the Disposition Summary. Getting acurate information in the Initial Assessment takes some time to complete all of the sections but this should be done within the first month. The Disposition Summary, the closing out the therapists portion of the file is a fairly concise document. Included should be the pertinent client contact info, why the client is leaving, case conceptualization, clinical diagnosis section and recommendations. The recommendations for the next therapist are vital so there is a “continuity of care” between those who work with the client.

Therapeutic Groups at AgeSong

The goal of “Groups” at AgeSong is to provide “Meaning-based, Relational Care.”

The next portion of the session is How to Run Therapeutic Groups at AgeSong with Tips and Tricks. Sally Gelardin leads the “Groups” session and is joined by Kyrie as they discuss with the intern group and the participating AgeSong residents the Groups program at AgeSong. Included in this session is tips and tricks, ideas and suggestions for crafting and leading “Groups” with AgeSong Communities.

Kyrie opens the “Groups” session with a singing bowl to bring the group together.

Sally starts the discussion with some questions…What are therapeutic groups? What kinds of groups can we have? When we speak about groups what comes to mind?
Shared purpose and ideas
Collective change
2, 3 or more
Psycho ed, Process, Support
Multi-model, Movement
Art, Poetry, Current Events and Walking Groups

The shared discussion is about the relationships formed when groups happen, relationships between therapists, residents, care partners, family, friends, staff and people in the community. The session concludes with the participating residents about what they feel having Therapeutic Groups bring to the residents and the community at large. In this session residents share their feelings that through the AgeSong Group  and One-on-One sessions they find their horizons get expanded and deep and meaningful relationships are fostered.

The AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation: Client Paperwork Intro video is one of the AgeSong Educational Series videos. The video of the session is one of many filmed during the two-day orientation for the AgeSong Gero-Wellness. These orientation sessions are the first training sessions that the interns will engage in during their 1-year internship in the Gero-Wellness.

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