The Richness of Relationships – Scenarios with Dr Nader Shabahangi, Judy Hess and Stephanie Rothman

The Richness of Relationships – Scenarios of Openness in Practice

In the previous video, The Richness of Relationships, the discussion included a wonderful metaphor on openness. In the heart when a valve is open it brings in fresh oxygen, in a relationship being open brings learning and growth. In this second video, the Richness of Relationships – Scenarios, the discussion veers from the philosophical to the practical. Stephanie starts the session off by asking Nader and Judye “What does it look like in “practice” if a couple were to be very open and aware?”



Judye and Nader start the discussion with a role play of a Scenario where it does not work…where there is not openness. Scenario 1: Shutting Down the Conversation. In this scenario Nader and Judye work through some steps that can help people to reach a level of openness in a situation. The resulting role-play covers topics such as: Acknowledging the Other Perspective, Seeing Each Other’s Reality, Acknowledging the Other, Comparison Between Two Models, How History Affects the Present, Changing the Pattern and From Default to New Opportunity. Also Nader and Judy discuss how often “Fear is at the Core of Disagreement.” Also they talk about how the discussion is held can affect a positive and open outcome through: Tone of Voice, Body Language and Openness vs. Constriction.

To close they discuss how Openness Exists without Judgment. Openness is there when we are as non-judgmental as we can be and as open to an answer rather than being fearful of what might be behind it.

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