Self Awareness: AgeSong 2015 Intern Training Video

Self awareness informs the therapeutic work engaged in by the GeroWellness Interns at AgeSong Communities.

Self Awareness While using the DSM

What is the DSM? What is it telling you? The Diagnostic Statistical Manual, what kind of system is that? It is impersonal. It is kind of like a box that you put people in. Labels that you can use as a therapist. In some ways the DSM wants to teach you how to see and it tells you how to see. Then it tells you how to diagnose based on that seeing. Then it tells you how to treat based on that diagnosis. We can label all day long, we all do but at least you have awareness that that is what you are doing.

Self Awareness in the Upcoming Year’s Work at AgeSong

Become curious about why am I doing and feeling and thinking the way that I am thinking, feeling and doing. That is the foundation of awareness. Self awareness. Because you are the therapeutic instrument. It is not the books that you are going to read that are going to make you a good therapist it is your awareness of yourself. This is a year packed with experiences, that you can use to understand who you are. It’s a journey of self discovery. It’s about you. This is you who you are working on.

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