An Introduction with Cherese Holland, Executive Director AgeSong

An Introduction with Cherese Holland: The AgeSong Eldercare Community



In this Introduction with Cherese Holland, the Executive Director at AgeSong talks about Eldercare at the AgeSong Communities. Cherese discusses how the internship program works with operational team at AgeSong in identifying the different prongs in a multi-disciplinary approach to meeting Resident’s needs in the Community.

Cherese starts off by re-iterating that yes, AgeSong “really IS alot of what Nader talks about but there’s a lot of fun to what it is that you all get to do with us in the Intership as well.”

One of the items that Nader talks about is how resident’s have their needs met or not met. This is a big focus within Community. Each intern joins the AgeSong teams in looking to meeting the residents needs, one of the most powerful tools is using a multi-displinary approach to accomplishing this goal. What the interns also bring to the table is sharing insight with the operational team into how a need can be met using the multi-disciplinary approach.

Cherese expains, “Yes, it is a collaborative effort for us with the prime focus being meeting the resident’s needs. The multi-disciplinary approach is how the rubber hits the road at AgeSong. Collaboration in a multi-disciplinary environment is how we get things done” and Cherese extends and invitation to the Interns to work with her to accomplish the AgeSong goals.

As Cherese says in closing “together we can do a whole lot more than we can as an individual. So ‘Welcome to PI!”(Pacific Institute)”

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