An Introduction with Jamie Slyter, AgeSong Engagement and Enrichment Director with Nader Shabahangi on Engagement

Jamie Slyter, AgeSong Engagement and Enrichment Director and Nader Shabahangi, AgeSong CEO discuss Engagement and Communication during this video, An Introduction with Jamie Slyter. Jamie Slyter encourages intercommunication between interns and Engagement teams at Communities and talks about the engagement opportunities available to residents at AgeSong. Nader speaks about the evolution of the AgeSong Engagement and Enrichment program.

An Introduction with Jamie Slyter: AgeSong Engagement and Enrichment Director

Jamie finds the most helpful and important piece at AgeSong is having open lines of communication. Communication between interns and staff is very important to keep staff apprised of what you are working on with an elder. Also the interns should look at all of the staff as resources, the Engagement team, the CarePartners, the Nursing staff, all of these people can be sources of insight into working with an elder. Communication ensures collaboration.

The Enrichment and Engagement team work with the elders to ensure that elders have a sense of fulfillment each day. The elders at AgeSong have mobility they are able to go shopping, to go out to eat. The residents are in an assisted living facility so AgeSong works to ensure that they are assisted in having choices and freedom.

Nader Shabahangi Shares the Evolution of the Engagement and Enrichment Program at AgeSong

Originally the program as described by the State of California was just called Activities, even though AgeSong works to bring more a relational emphasis to the program. Then the AgeSong program morphed into an Enrichment program but that seemed to imply that there is some sore of a lack and did not wholly describe the work being done in the Communities. The foundation of therapy is being heard. As the At one point the idea of engagement was brought into the mix and the word Engagement really describes what the current program brings to the Communities. A wonderful way the interns can contribute as relational counselors is to work with the residents to engage with each other. The Enrichment and Engagement program is not about entertainment. Nader encourages the interns when they do their Groups that they think about what they love to do. The content of the Group is not as important as doing what you truly love.

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