Introduction with Betty Dominici, AgeSong COO at 2015 Intern Training

In this video, Introduction with Betty Dominici, AgeSong COO, Betty talks to the AgeSong Pacific Institute GeroWellness 2015 Interns. She speaks about a non-judgmental attitude, relational care and getting to know the residents during their internship.

Introduction with Betty Dominici, LVN, AgeSong COO

Betty Dominici expresses the wish that a goal this year at AgeSong, is to not judge the elders we work with. She speaks to how AgeSong is different in it’s approach to care. AgeSong uses relational care to get to know the elder. This emphasis on relational care is different from the mainstream. Relational care is how AgeSong works to address what is happening with the residents. She recommends that interns do not jump to conclusions about an elder, or look at an elder as their diagnosis or view them medically. At AgeSong we first try to understand the elder. By doing that we find the reason why the person is exhibiting the behaviors they are. Perhaps there is an unmet need. The only way to do that is to be accepting, to really get to know them and gain the understanding needed to meet that elder’s needs.

Betty finishes with a preview of her talk to come on assisted living operations and what it means to be an AgeSong Assisted Living Community.

In the GeroWellness training there are more talks and training on relational care at AgeSong and how it helps the CarePartners, Nurses, Engagement team and Interns meet the AgeSong residents needs.

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