An Introduction with Blanca Reyes, AgeSong CarePartner at 2015 GeroWellness Intern Training

In the video, An Introduction with Blanca Reyes, AgeSong CarePartner, we meet Blanca one of the CarePartners who specializes in Forgetfulness Care at the AgeSong Laguna Grove Community.

An Introduction with Blanca Reyes, AgeSong CareParnter

Blanca welcomes the new 2015 Pacific Institute GeroWellness participants to AgeSong Laguna. Blanca speaks about her Forgetfulness Care work on the second floor of AgeSong Laguna where residents include those with severe forgetfulness (dementia.) Blanca shares some extra care and caution that should be taken when working on the second floor. Some of the elders on the second floor with forgetfulness no longer communicate in the same ways they used to and it is important to understand each of them because each of them is different. Blanca has a special affinity for working with the elders on the second floor and encourages the interns to come to her. She can introduce the interns to the individual elders she works with. Interns are always encouraged to work with the CarePartners in getting to know the elders they will be working with. The CarePartners in each community are those with the most detailed knowledge and understanding of each of the elders residing within an AgeSong community. The CarePartners can work with the interns to show them the ways relational care works with each individual elder and help them get to know the elder, to build a relationship with the elder.

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