GeroWellness Interns Connecting with the AgeSong Staff

In this video from the 2015 Intern Orientation and Training at AgeSong, Nader talks with the GeroWellness interns about interns connecting with the AgeSong staff. The interns have been given introductions to the different staff at AgeSong Communities to help begin the familiarization with the staff they will be working with on a regular basis.

Tips for Interns Connecting with the AgeSong Staff

During this orientation and training we have purposefully brought up the different members of staff because we would like you to see a visible manifestation of the multi-disciplinary approach used within the AgeSong Communities. To integrate into the communities you need to be able to relate to the myriad of different staff at AgeSong.

One of the first things that can help interns connecting with the AgeSong staff is what you do you when get onto a floor within the AgeSong Community. Most important to check in with the CarePartners on each floor. Find out what has been going on. They know what is currently happening in the community and what has happened recently and what will be coming up.

If you have not been introduced to the CarePartners on the floor, then please introduce yourself. We want to cross any barrier of perceived rank that might occur between interns and carepartners so we ask that our interns make the first move to engage. Please do not wait for the carepartners to engage with you, be proactive and engage them.

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