Upcoming Event – Dr Wolfson Presentation From the Inside Out: Changing Our Culture of Care

In this presentation, held at both AgeSong WoodPark & AgeSong University, Julia Wolfson, PhD will share ideas on changing custodial attitudes to care. She will talk about changing the culture of care in ways that give equal emphasis to individual agency, reciprocity in relationships, and community belonging. She calls this approach to transforming our patterns of mind and feeling “Deep Power.”

For many people, care is a necessity, for others it is a job, and for many it is a calling. Too often people dependent on care and support are stigmatized and trapped in systems of control that are unsafe, and they’re robbed of basic human rights and freedoms many of us take for granted. This is as relevant for older adults as it is for people with a disability and children, in need of health, functional and social support in daily living.

Drawing on a wealth of research, stories and lessons learned, Julia will address the following three topics:

• How the care relationship changes us as care providers

• How use of in-born powers can transform care cultures from the inside-out

• How diversity is a key to communication, conflict and community building

Dr. Wolfson draws on nearly 40 years of experiences in organizational and human service communities around the world. She works directly with people, leaders, caregivers, specialists and family members, whole teams and organizations. Her experiences with people primed for helplessness led to her discovery of nine in-born powers hidden within the experiences of care practitioners, leaders and people dependent on support. Her concept of “Deep Power” is a powerful response to the central question we humans will always have to face: Who are we, really? How can care cultures facilitate friendship, purpose and contribution?

Julia lives in in Australia. She is a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra. She is founder and principal of Turning Forward, a global network organization dedicated to uplifting self-powered people, organizations and communities anywhere. Her forthcoming book Safe and Free: Transforming human service environments from the inside out will be available later in the year.

AgeSong WoodPark Presentation:
Dr Julia Wolfson will be presenting “From the Inside Out” at AgeSong WoodPark May 19th, 2016 at 5:30pm – 7:00pm

CEUs available for nurses, CNAs, MFTs, RCFEs. AgeSong at WoodPark RCFE License Number: 019200514.

AgeSong University Presentation:
Dr Julia Wolfson will be presenting “From the Inside Out” at AgeSong University May 20th, 2016 at  5:30pm – 7:00pm

CEUs available for Nurses, CNAs, MFTs, RCFEs. AgeSong University RCFE License Number 385600402


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