Brain Health: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon at KRON Channel 4 speaks with Dr Nader Shabahangi and Paula Hertel from AgeSong about brain health and just one of the ways it is addressed at AgeSong.

These days in the media we hear a lot of talk about brain health. We hear that sharpening the mind is very important. And at AgeSong we expand upon that. We emphasize finding purpose and usefulness for your physical self, your brain, and your spiritual self. One of the things that the AgeSong residents teach us is that there is meaning in your life that changes as we progress through life. Paula mentions that something that Nader speaks about is this concept of the “internal narrative;” what is your story and what is important to you.

What if someone has gotten caught up in an internal narrative that is not working for them, how do you change that? One of the mainstays of AgeSong is the internship program that has psychotherapists and social workers doing their practicums and internships within the AgeSong communities. These interns provide therapeutic work and groups with the residents. Elders have one on one time to still explore what is like to be older, to live in a community and what is the meaning of still “living” at a ripe old age. Having people available to talk that through with residents is a very important part of what AgeSong provides for their residents. Assisting residents with their internal narrative is one of the ways AgeSong is able support the brain health of the elders in the community.

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