Dealing with Emotions, Part 1: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 speaks with Nader Shabahangi about emotions. No matter how old you are there is a enormous emotional component to placing your loved one in a care home or assisted living community such as AgeSong. How do you deal with the resulting emotions?

There comes a time when community living and professional care givers can be of great benefit to elders. The programming at AgeSong is intensely focused on the emotional care component, for example. There is also the community component to assisted living; rather than the person being isolated at personal residence they will be and feel part of a larger community. They can talk, relate, and go on outings together. The quality of life can be greatly improved by being involved in a community and having specialized care. And when you visit your loved one you can be really present there with them. You are not stressed or exhausted, you are really there.

To help with the transition you should go in first and talk with the people at the assisted living community. It is important to feel you have been heard and your specific needs can be met. That feeling of being held while making this decision is very important. AgeSong includes a therapeutic component in it’s communities and works to make every transition as easy as possible for all involved..

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