Dealing with Emotions, Part 2: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 and Nader Shabahangi continue the conversation about the emotional component that is present when making a decision like the placing a loved one in an assisted living situation. Sharon mentions that for her many emotions come up like failure, guilt, sadness, loneliness and more. Nader agrees that these are emotions that can come up in when we have to make a difficult decision like placing a parent in an assisted living community.

What makes AgeSong different is we address the emotional component, not just in working with our elders but especially with the family members who bring their loved one to live in the community with us. It is deep work. And the work doesn’t stop on many of the issues we were dealing with when we were young and continue to deal with as we are adult children of our parents. Now they need our care. What do we do now? How do we address those issues too? Do we put those issues to the side?

AgeSong realizes we are more than just the body we are the mind and our emotions and those need to be addressed in the elder as well as the adult children. At AgeSong we have clinical directors who are licensed therapists that are trained to talk with the family as well as the elder about the issues and emotions that this transition can bring up.

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