Aging Philosophies: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon at KRON Channel 4 talks with Dr Nader Shabahangi, author, psychotherapist, philosopher and cofounder of AgeSong. Today they are talking about looking at aging as a positive thing.

One of the fundamental missions of AgeSong is to change the perception of aging. AgeSong offers a fresh community centered, humanistic view of aging instead of looking at aging through the lenses of biology alone. As we age we grow in our emotional intelligence and we grow spiritually, creatively; all of the aspects of what it takes to be a human grow as we age.

There are many views of aging today that are negative and can be found in magazines, newspapers, and movies. To change that view we start with ourselves. We can be less critical of the outward appearances of aging and look to our inner lives as a source of inspiration for embracing the positives of aging. This is a philosophy of aging that is found within the AgeSong Communities.

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