Becoming a Resident at AgeSong: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 speaks with AgeSong co-founder, Dr Nader Shabahangi and Paula Hertel what it is like to become a resident at an AgeSong Community.

Sharon asks “What is the process of bringing a parent or loved one into AgeSong? How is that done”?

Nader explains that AgeSong is really all about community building. For the person who is considering a move to an assisted living situation what is important is to ensure that there is a good fit for the prospective resident.

To ensure a fit AgeSong likes to get to know the individual. Who are they? What are their likes and dislikes? What are their joys? Shat gives them pleasure? How would they live their lives in these years? That initial process of getting to know the elder is really important to AgeSong.

Paula speaks about how it is about building the relationship; the relationship to us, to the staff, to the other residents, to building the relationship with the family. This is important because this is not just about renting an apartment, this is about us being in community together. It is about building community together. The character of each AgeSong community is based on the residents who live there and the staff that work there and the families that stay involved in their family members lives.

At AgeSong residents feel that we really take the time to ensure a good fit. For us that is more important than moving people in. It is more important to build those initial relationships and really get to know each other, the resident and the family.

As Nader mentions this process can take weeks, it can take months. Of meeting, coming together, showing people around, meeting other residents and meeting the staff, the carepartners and the interns. Really learning about what is this place like, who are the people living in this community? Again, AgeSong has an emphasis on community building so the resident is living within a larger community, not in an isolated way. That is very important.

As Sharon mentions “They begin to see themselves there [within the community].” Nader agrees that they begin to see themselves as a part of a larger community.

Sharon closes by thanking Nader and Paula for shifting her perception of  Elder Communities.

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