Conversations with Ed, Part 2: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 continues the conversation with author, licensed psychotherapist, and AgeSong co-founder, Dr Nader Shabahangi, and Ed Voris. Today they are continuing the conversation about Ed’s diagnosis and his work with Nader. They also discuss more about the book Ed and Nader coauthored with Dr Fox called Conversations with Ed, about forgetfulness and alternatives to dementia care.

Sharon mentions what caught her eye in the introduction is this concept of “the ability to forget.” Nader mentions that during their meeting they agreed that there was something good about forgetting. Ed says “You know, when you have a problem you don’t hang onto the problem, you let go and move onto where, to the direction that that problem brings. I never gave up.”

Nader says that he thinks that that attitude of never giving up is what brought Ed together with AgeSong, himself and Professor Fox of SFSU. Nader explains that the three of them would meet every month and talk about life, living and what is good about forgetting.

Sharon mentions that the chapter headings in the book are kind of like suggestions on how to look at Alzheimer’s and forgetting. How to let go of the inner critic. How to accept the fact that you are not going to remember things.

Sharon especially like what Ed said about not being able to drive, because he wouldn’t have to remember where his car is in the parking lot.

As Ed says “It’s just deciding are you going to quit now?” Sharon continues that thought saying that “you do not have to quit” is what the book(Conversations with Ed) is about. There are options out there for people dealing with changing cognition, you just need to embrace the options.

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