Dealing with Finances and Senior Living: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 speaks with co-founder Nader Shabahangi about “finance.” Figuring out what the expenses would be when looking an assisted living situation. Sharon mentions that for her it is an overwhelming feeling.

Nader suggests that you start the process by visiting the communities in your area. Compare how close they are to your home or work, compare the programs available at each community, and compare the care level you feel is present at each. Some communities can present a very medical care approach and some a more emotional care level. Nader hopes that people find that AgeSong has a nice balance between emotional care, spiritual care and bio-medical care. Through your researches you will also find the communities which give you the most peace of mind. That is an important factor, the peace of mind a community can give.

Sharon mentions that she is visual and she would be interested in seeing a spreadsheet. Nader mentions that this is a part of intake at AgeSong; the AgeSong team will meet with families and work on financial planning.

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