Elders and the Arts: Joy in Aging Series Videos

Sharon at KRON channel 4 speaks with licensed psychotherapist and AgeSong cofounder, Dr Nader Shabahangi, about the emphasis on the arts at AgeSong.

Why the emphasis on the arts?

AgeSong wants to emphasize not just the health of the body but the health of the mind. There are programs to keep residents stimulated that also keep them connected and related to others. The ongoing programs include art therapy and music programs. At AgeSong we see the arts as the core of life, because they are creative. The arts emphasize that artistic creative spirit that is inside all of us. Plus, there are no restrictions to art so we have the Freedom to Be.

How do you make the arts accessible to those with mobility challenges?

When considering art for individuals with changing mobility the key is finding the thing that is particularly good for that individual. For example sculpture works well for someone who does not see very well, it has the ability to stimulate other senses by it’s tactile nature. There is art programs for all care levels at AgeSong it is that important to the communities.

AgeSong focuses on both Engagement and Enrichment in all it’s programs

Programs in general are a big part of each community. Each community has an Engagement and Activities director who ensures that there are favorite programs running as well as new events, programs and experiences to be had each day.

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