Elders Living in an Urban Setting: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 speaks with licensed psychotherapist and co-founder of AgeSong, Dr Nader Shabahangi, about the benefits AgeSong finds of having the communities in an urban setting.

Often the perception of a senior community is of a quiet peaceful place in a suburban setting. AgeSong does things differently here too and prefers to locate its communities in urban settings. AgeSong likes to integrate elders into the mainstream of society and daily life of the city. As an example AgeSong’s former community in Emeryville was in the heart of the city and business district. AgeSong has two communities in the center of San Francisco in Hayes Valley. AgeSong Laguna Grove and AgeSong Hayes Valley are two communities in a thriving, bustling city neighborhood. The elders are not isolated away from the mainstream they are in the heart of it. Bringing elders back to the larger community is one of the goals at AgeSong.

Sharon asks if they are challenges with the fast pace of urban living? Nader agrees but finds the integration benefits the elders by being in the middle of life and we the larger community benefit from the example the elders set with their more a slow way of looking at life.

For seniors who are thinking about moving into a community come by and visit the AgeSong communities and see if the urban setting and lifestyle fits with what you want in community living.

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