Eldership: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 speaks with Dr Nader Shabahangi, cofounder of AgeSong about Eldership and what it means to AgeSong.

Nader describes the concept of eldership. The idea that there is an older person who you can come to for advice or help. The idea of the wise old elder, being there in the family. The elder is someone family can go to and ask basic deep questions about life. That has not been so present in society in most recent times.

Eldership is trying to speak to that role in society. Nader want to bring elders back into society. A society where elders are to be revered, to be loved and sought out so that those of us who are younger can learn from them. We can learn from their life experience, from their knowledge from the decades of the ups and downs of life that all of us experience. We can use that knowledge for ourselves. Eldership is a powerful concept that Nader would like to have more present in society. We ourselves can grow to become elders and still have a part within society.

AgeSong embraces the idea of eldership as a foundational tenant and approaches the residents as teachers, and approaches them as people who have so much more to give to the world as teachers to those younger than themselves.

AgeSong allows for eldership to also expand out and invites the outside members of society in to connect with the elders living in the communities and to learn from them.

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