AgeSong’s International Visitors Program, Part 1: Joy in Aging Series Videos

Sharon at KRON Channel 4 speaks with licensed psychotherapist and AgeSong co-founder, Dr Nader Shabahangi with Professor David Lipson of Sorbonne Medical School, Paris about the International Exchange Program at AgeSong. This is an exchange program between international students and AgeSong communities.

Inviting these medical students from Paris helps fulfill a basic tenant of AgeSong which is the exchange of information, a sharing of knowledge. The medical students get to work in the AgeSong communities with their leading edge, changing the culture of eldercare practices. This exchange also allows the opportunity to integrate different practices into the multi-disciplinary approach of employed at AgeSong.

Professor David Lipson explains that when he had the idea of finding someone to work with he had three main objectives: the linguistics of the students working in an English speaking environment, a medical component of working in a ground breaking environment and the academic component of students earning credits while in the program.

AgeSong’s training programs for the students emphasize the different ways we can look at the aging person and how to be with them in a more physical exercise way. That part combined with Paris Medical School coming here to AgeSong has made this a really exciting program that has been going on for years now.

The program is fairly ground breaking; bringing international students into the community to work with the elders. The vibrancy of bringing different viewpoints together gives benefits to both the elders and the students.

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