The Freedom to Be: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 speaks with AgeSong cofounder Dr Nader Shabahangi and Paula Hertel about the idea of “The Freedom to Be” and how that is manifested at AgeSong.

Fundamental shift away from having a resident fit within a rigid structure and instead at AgeSong we find out about the individual, what they like to do, likes and dislikes, what would the resident like to do. The resident teaches the staff at AgeSong who they are and we at AgeSong adapt and try to offer that to you. That is allowing the resident to be who they are. Over the years at AgeSong we have worked with the residents to find out what programs and what type of community would support the elders. The residents have come up with some core values and core areas they really want AgeSong to focus on.

The Freedom to Be

  • Having beautiful communities, beautiful surroundings, that really makes the residents feel better.
  • To have person-centered care and services; to really understand who they are.
  • To be engaged; to have programs that challenge their creativity that spark enthusiasm.
  • To have opportunities for community building, both within the communities and out in the larger world.
  • To continue learning; that they can be teachers, they can be students that they can be part of this society.

Especially important is this attitude shift that we are a always a learning community. At AgeSong we can learn from everyone: from the Carepartners, from the residents, from the staff, and from the volunteers about what it means to be living, to be in a community, to aging. Allowing the uniqueness of each individual allows all of us the Freedom to Be.

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