Family Relationships: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 talks with AgeSong cofounder, Dr Nader Shabahangi and Paula Hertel about family relationships and how those changing relationships are nurtured at AgeSong.

Paula speaks about how family relationships is a topic close to her heart and she loves to speak to it. She asks Nader how AgeSong assists in dealing with family relationships. Nader talks about how AgeSong feels family relationships are important to the elder and the community they live in. One thing that AgeSong does is create opportunities, through events and gatherings for family to take time to get together and really get to know each other. Particularly for residents who’s roles may be changing and lots of transitions going on. At AgeSong we give the opportunity and support for family members to come together to gather, to share some special moments together. This is really important part of the AgeSong mission.

One example is a tea ceremony program that emphasized taking time to be together. A focus on just the act of making tea and being there for that moment. An opportunity to be really present and in the moment. There a many such similar programs going on in the AgeSong communities.

Spending time in the moment is a good way to help with the changing family roles. Conversations start when you give them time to happen naturally and sharing time is a great way to assist with the transitions that are happening during this time of changing roles.

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