The Needs of Elders and Their Adult Children: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon of KRON Channel 4 talks with AgeSong co-founder and licensed psychotherapist, Dr Nader Shabahangi about how AgeSong works to support the vastly different needs of each elder, their adult children and family members.

Nader speaks about how the needs are met at AgeSong. One of AgeSong’s basic tenants is the Freedom to Be. AgeSong works as a community with the sensitivity to the different individual’s needs. Each individual has different needs, some might be emotional, some spiritual, and some intellectual. Each person is different. Within this equation are also the needs of the adult children that need to be factored in.

Nader suggests that families consider their needs and the needs of the elders when considering a community living situation for their loved one. One thing to ask, are there people in the assisted living facility who have the sensitivity to assess, identify and address such needs, as there here are at AgeSong? Even the needs of adult children of the elders is important. Being sensitive to the needs of community members and addressing those needs, both in the elders and their family members, is an important facet of the work done at AgeSong to support the community. Whether it is found inside the community or can be found and utilized from the outside community. By addressing these needs AgeSong is able to provide a more joyous environment for the final years of life of an elder.

AgeSong focuses on first finding out what the elders need, then the needs of the adult children. Identification of the needs is important to the process. Then AgeSong determines how can they provide for those needs. AgeSong has a rich variety of programming within the communities and also has the ability to look outside the community to address the needs of the elders. There are many different ways of being able to support addressing the needs of the elders and their adult children.

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