Working with Elders: Joy in Aging Series Video

Sharon at KRON Channel 4 speaks with AgeSong co-founder, Dr Nader Shabahangi and Pacific Institute clinical therapy intern, Jay Cusker about working with elders as a therapeutic intern.

Sharon asks Nader how Pacific Institute is a program that is connected with AgeSong? Nader explains that Pacific Institute is a non profit educational organization that teaches psychotherapy interns, student who would like to become psychologists, how to be and work with elders.

Jay works with elders in the intake transition and has found the experience to be rich and rewarding. Jay find the elders to be so wise and it seems every day there is a new gem that comes up where Jay experiences awe in the moment.

Nader mentions that one of the discoveries made at AgeSong is having young people come together with the elders is a benefit for the both of them, not just the elder. Young people learn to be more accepting of themselves and to go more slow. The elders are more accepting and a young person can be who they are around them, be more authentic. Because that is where the elders are at in their life right now. The elders are who they are in that moment and are less critical of themselves and more accepting of who they are.

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