AgeSong GeroWellness Interns Share Positive Experiences in Reaction to Video

Former interns with the Pacific Institute GeroWellness Program Hammond Care reflect on their experiences while working at AgeSong in the program.

Here is the inspiring video that prompted the discussion below. This is”Changing Lives through Art” from HammondCare’s Centre for Positive Ageing and Care – Arts on Prescription program.

These three former interns, Melissa, Anin and Dede share and comment on Hammond Care Center’s video about ‘Changing Lives through Art.’ In this discussion that took place on Facebook the GeroWellness interns who each worked at AgeSong communities during their internship talk about what the experience meant to them.

Melissa D’Antoni had this to say about her experience in the GeroWellness Program:
“This is SO awesome to see! When I was doing my clinical internship in expressive arts therapy in San Francisco it was Nader Robert Shabahangi and Doris Bersing who believed in me and the power of creative expression to support me in starting a program at for elders at AgeSong assisted living facilities. We had painting, drawing, drama, yoga, sandplay, dance and music, it was incredible. Can’t forget Dede Estey and Anin Utigaard for all their training and support as well! Such fond memories. My clients at AgeSong and Zen Hospice taught me so much about presence and stillness. This IS the way of health & wellness care.”

Former intern Anin Utigaard commented on Melissa’s post:
“Thanks for sharing this Melissa. Yes, my time at AgeSong was also very rich and heart opening, and I have you to thank for that. I just saw several interns from AgeSong on Friday night and we were reminiscing about our time there and how much we learned from the Elders. It changed us in a good way – wonderful experience. So glad you’re continuing to bring your magic to your community. Creativity is such a powerful resource for all of us. I can’t imagine what life would be without music, art, dance, drama and poetry.”

Former intern Dede Estey shared this comment about Melissa’s post:
“So happy to see this and be reminded of all the great interns I met at AgeSong and Pacific Institute. you are a bright light in a difficult time in the world. So happy your work fulfills you and now you can share your love of art and people with your daughter.”

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