The AgeSong Vision: Changing How We Approach Aging and Senior Care

AgeSong is about the dream, the vision of elevating elders to a position of respect; of being valued by all of us. All of the AgeSong Communities share a common mission: which is to accept people for who they are. This informs all we do at AgeSong and allows us to approach aging and eldercare from a new perspective.

At AgeSong the perceived limitations of mobility or communication are not the important focus, it is about who you are in the moment.

In the AgeSong programs we try to understand who this elder in front of us. The programs at AgeSong all share the common goal of creating therapeutic environments where each little action and each little event is something that we can learn from about the elder. This helps inform the multi-disciplinary approach to care.

A fundamental emphasis at AgeSong is an attitude of ‘being with” rather than doing to. Senior care as we know it is not working because the focus is only on the physical well-being, which is important, but spiritual and emotional parts are often times forgotten. We find in our personal lives that if our emotional, or spiritual well being is cared for mostly likely our physical well-being is too.

Walking through one of the AgeSong Communities you will often find a care partner or intern just sitting with an elder. There is a powerful connection that can occur by just sitting with one another. Instead of wanting something tangible to happen. One of the ways we do this is we bring in therapeutic interns into the community and they learn how to work with them and be with them. This allows therapeutic encounters to happen but also gives the added benefit of having the elders feel a part of an ever evolving culture within the community.

The daughter of a resident speaks about how she felt coming to AgeSong that her mom was coming into a home not a facility. She found all the staff made them feel welcome as a family. Her positive experience shows how she felt that AgeSong treats her mother as if she was a family member not just an occupant.

Can we walk in an elders footsteps? Can we learn more concretely what makes an elder happy? what gives them joy? Those are goals at AgeSong and part of the AgeSong Vision.

The AgeSong Vision is not just a dream, or an idea or something on paper but it is something that we live everyday in our communities. We really try to teach and education people about so it can be come something much larger, beyond AgeSong.

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