Becoming Who We Are – An Eldership Video

This video is an excerpt from AgeSong Academy Eldership training. Nader Shabahangi,PhD, is founder of AgeSong and licensed psychotherapist working with elders at AgeSong. In this Eldership video he presents with author Liz Bugental, PhD.

Nader starts off with a quote from Nietzsche: “The goal of life is to become who we are.” Nader suggests that we can throw out the idea of aging because it is basically maturing. We are our Inner Elder. We are learning everyday more to become this man or woman who is our Inner Elder. Nader finds this fascinating and a relief because he can keep falling down and making errors but go ahead and try again tomorrow. He has more tries and trials to get “there.”

Liz Bugental points out that this is fine as we have nothing to lose. We are who we are, we made mistakes and we have survived. We have more to learn but we are comfortable. We are not so comfortable that we are bored. But we are comfortable enough to be interested, to try, to play, to experience new things and to be creative. All of those things take a certain level of gravitas or settling in. We spend so much of our lives trying to get somewhere that we forget to be and do from that centered focused place that we finally get to be in.

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