The Experience of Aging Loss and Opportunity – Eldership Video

This video is an excerpt from AgeSong Academy training on Eldership with AgeSong’s Nader Shabahangi,PhD, and author Liz Bugental, PhD. In this video Liz speaks about preparing ourselves for opportunity as we age.

Liz starts the conversation with the statement,”In our old age we are swimming in a sea of loss, and that this is the given.” It is not something we can avoid. We will age and that means different things for different people. We will lose some of our vitality, our looks, and our physical potency. We lose friends, family, children. We have to move into new surroundings. We are constantly having to deal with something that isn’t there anymore. It doesn’t mean that we have to be depressed or unhappy. It just means that we have to acknowledge that this is where we are. If we use the metaphor that we are swimming in a sea of loss, as we age were grabbing what will keep us alive and enhance our living with inspiration, joy and creativity. If we are not aware and awake we will not pay attention to those things around us and we wont pick the right things. This is the challenge of these later years, staying awake, staying aware, taking what gives us life. Enjoying everything that we can, not losing our capacity for pleasure. Constantly discovering and re-inventing ourselves so that this is a joyful swim. That is up to us.

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