What is the Image I Have of My Elder?

This video is an excerpt from AgeSong Academy training on Eldership. Nader Shabahangi,PhD, is founder of AgeSong and licensed psychotherapist working with elders at AgeSong. In this series on Eldership he is presenting with author Liz Bugental, PhD.

What is the image that you have of your elder? Nader demonstrates he has an image of his elder’s walk…bent over holding his back he needs assistance from Liz Bugental to sit down.

Liz Bugental talks about how this is what we live with in our culture. We see this picture of a bent old person and we think bent old mind or bent old personality or nobody there. A whole lot of things go along with that walker. And so alot of older people resist getting a walker even when it would help them walk around because they know there are a whole lot of connections that can be made that don’t feel right to the person.

Liz finishes this excerpt by talking abit about perceptions about age. It can be flattering when someone questions your age and is disbelieving when you tell them but what does it really mean when someone says “you don’t look that old?”

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