Who Am I? In Relation to the Elder I am Becoming

This video is an excerpt from AgeSong Academy training on Eldership. Nader Shabahangi,PhD, is founder of AgeSong and licensed psychotherapist working with elders at AgeSong. In this series on Eldership he is presenting with author Liz Bugental, PhD.

We are trying to become more clear about who we are. It is a question of identity. How do I define myself? What do I see as important. What is that that really makes me who I am? What is that in me that I want to express that I want to become more of? We have challenges with the media perception of being are so focused on being young, having physical prowess or doing.

What about the ability to sit still, to be silent, or the ability to be not judgmental about the various paths others make. The ability of the elder to differentiate between that difference between being human and when someone would genuinely need help to get back onto the path. To have compassion to say that’s ok, so you messed up here so you are going to do this. That is all not very far away from who you really are.

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