Japanese Choose AgeSong To Display New Robot that Helps Elders with Care and Other Needs

A new robot, designed to help elders with all kinds of care and other needs, will be featured Monday, April 16, at 11 am at AgeSong, Bayside Park, in Emeryville. Residents  and the press are welcome to attend this special robotic presentation.

A global leader in electronics and robotics, Japan is pioneering projects to improve the lives of older citizens around the world. Since its population is aging even faster than the USA’s, the government, as well as private industry, are making products that feed you, provide companionship, transform wheel chairs, and provide nursing assistance. Majd Alwan, director of the Center for Aging Services Technologies,  notes, “The aging crisis drove (Japan’) government and scientific community to invest significantly in technologies for the elderly, and robotics in particular.” Although the U.S. is developing similar products, Alwan says that the amount of money and manpower devoted to technologies for the elderly, is “significantly lower” than in Japan.

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