Centenarian Huston Smith Teaches Us about Aging

Thanks to Rick Moody, editor of Human Values in Aging Newsletter, for referring AgeSong to this interview on the journey into later life with Huston Smith. Interviewer:  Ken Dychtwald.

Each of the three major civilizations has focused on one problem:

  1. West:  Scientific (how to earn livelihood from the soil)
  2. China: Sociological (how to get along with other human beings)
  3. India: Psychological (how to get along with oneself)

The focus on science has made the West the least able of the three civilizations to manage the aging process.

Listen to Ken Dychtwald interview with Huston Smith, 12/27/09, “The Arc of Life:  Huston Smith on Life, Death, and Beyond,” http://www.hustonsmith.com/ARC.htm.


We were referred to this interview through Harry (Rick) Moody’s electronic newsletter, which is produced by the Office of Academic Affairs at AARP and is distributed by the Committee on Humanities and Arts of the Gerontological Society of America. To subscribe to the  Human Values in Aging Newsletter, contact hrmoody@yahoo.com.


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