One thought on “Nader Shabahangi Presents a Different Perspective on Memory Loss

  1. Hello Robert Nader!

    I have just joined you on your LinkedIn e-mail. I am Massdiile Onyenibeadi, a Catholic Priest belonging to the Missionary Society of St Paul of Nigeria.

    I learnt about you and your activities in the USA through one of your relations in Germany. I am spending my holidays at the home of Frau Lenchen Bollmann in Lehe, Emsland. I have known the family for quite a long time. Lenchen wanted me to read a bit about your activities but we could not gain access to such information.

    I did CPE at Rochester, New York between 2004/2005 at the Strong Memorial Hospital. I would love to get to know more about your Age-Song.

    I lecture liturgy in our Seminary at Abuja, Nigeria: The National Missionary Seminary of St Paul, Gwagwalada, Abuja, F.C.T. Nigeria. I am holidaying at the home of the Bollmann’s and will be back to Nigeria early October.

    Massdiile Onyenibeadi