AgeSong Duo Rocks the Crowd Last Two Minutes of Race


San Francisco. June 16, 2013. To claim that you completed the Half Marathon, you had to reach the Finish Line within three hours.  Marlena del Hierro and JoJo qualified by passing the Finish Line within two minutes of the three hours. It’s not that Marlena wasn’t in top shape and hadn’t been practicing for months.  It’s that she was pushing, for 14 miles,  200 lbs. of a svelte Josie on her assisted mobility chair. At the end of the race, Josie, who never thought she’d walk again a few years ago, rose from the chair and walked over the finish line. For AgeSong spectators and many others, this duo came in first place!

One thought on “AgeSong Duo Rocks the Crowd Last Two Minutes of Race

  1. Bravo JoJo and Marlena! Congratulations on your fantastic race! Well done gals, well done indeed!
    ~Michelle V