Rethink Your Bucket List And Become Who You Really Are Now

Video Presentation by Kathleen Taylor at TedX TampaBay Where She Challenges Viewers to Rethink The Bucket ListKathleen Taylor Challenges Us Not To Wait to Become Who We Really Are

Kathleen Taylor is a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor, a community engagement facilitator and a hospice bedside counsellor and throughout her career of listening the stories of dying were the ones that resonated and stuck with her. Kathleen talks about her experiences with these stories and the uniqueness of each persons end of story. However, she noticed some “hopeful consistencies in what seemed to matter and not matter to people who were in their last chapter and sometimes the last paragraph of their last chapter.” In this presentation, “Rethinking the Bucket List” at TEDx TampaBay, Kathleen talks about how she saw individuals wrapping up their stories become “these distilled, crystallized and pure versions of who they are.” As people go through this transformation and find themselves they become courageous, they bravely change their mind, they apologize, they forgive, they express love and they find joy in the smallest things. This video is about the discovery of that “authentic self,” how the distractions have fallen away and the real individual has come through. She challenges us to do the same now in our daily lives. Watch this video below, “Rethinking the Bucket List,” where Kathleen Taylor talks about how she believes it is never to soon to find out who we really are.

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