KindSpring’s Invitation to Join The 21-day Kindness Challenge

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KindSpring is launching a 21-day Kindness Challenge and have published an open invitation to join on They have released this wonderful video with volunteers sharing their stories about generosity, giving and kindness. In the video volunteers of, formerly, tell us their definition of generosity. “Being fully present with other people and giving the gifts that are naturally yours,” is how volunteer Paul Van Slambrouck describes generosity. Another volunteer, Nipun Mehta, explains how engaging in a lifestyle rooted in generosity transformed his view in 4 ways. He describes the transformative changes as 1. the shift from consumption to contribution, 2.the shift from transaction to trust, 3. the shift from isolation to community -its is not longer about me, me, me: it’s about “we,” and 4.the shift from scarcity to abundance. This video describes giving as simple, inspirational and transformational. Visit to find inspiration, join the discussion and share your stories of generosity and kindness.

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