A Celebration and Tribute to Wesley Zineski, ‘The Quiet Yogi’

AgeSong and Friends Celebrate Wesley Zineski With a Tribute

Video still of AgeSong Celebration of life of Wesley Zineski, The Quiet YogiThe late Wesley Zineski embodied the ethic and spirit of AgeSong.

As a practicing yogi for most of his adult life, Wesley embraced each moment as it was, leaving behind a past that included great trauma, loss and displacement.

Wesley’s public life was quite simple- he ran a laundromat and lived in a modest apartment. But his commitment to his inner life and spiritual practice was quite remarkable.

As Welsey evolved into an elder with what AgeSong calls ‘forgetulness’ and others refer to as Alzheimer’s or dementia, his personal practice became and admirable ethos. Welsey demonstrated that ‘forgetfulness’ is not a detriment, but is like the mindful practice of being present.

In March 2012 , AgeSong celebrated the life of Wesley Zineski with the community of friends who cherished him. A book entitled ‘The Quiet Yogi’ commemorates this exemplary life.

Friends and Colleagues Gather at AgeSong to Celebrate Wesley

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Friends, colleagues and peers gathered and shared their remembrances of time spent with Wesley. Marilyn Stiles shares how she meet Wesley Zineski and how the commemrative book “The Quiet Yogi” came into being during the tribute to Wesley. Introduction by Jim Johnson of AgeSong.

Marilyn Stiles Shares Her Memories in Tribute to Wesley

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Swami Suryadevananda talks about Life, Aging and Forgetfulness at the tribute to Wesley Zineski and the debut of Wesley’s book, ‘The Quiet Yogi’ at AgeSong in San Francisco.

The philosophy and vision of Aging and Eldership spoken by Swami Suryadevananda are deeply connected with those that guide AgeSong’s care in its Elder Communities.

To speak of Aging is to speak of Life.

To speak of Forgetting is to speak of what truly matters in Life.

Swami Suryadevanda Shares Memories of Wesley and Thoughts on Aging

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