AgeSong University Jan/Feb 2017 Newsletter

The January/February AgeSong University Newsletter is out! Read the recent news, stories and about the upcoming events at the community.

In this issue we celebrate the elders who participated in the 24th Annual Art with Elders Exhibition and Celebration at Laguna Honda. Congratulations to Miss B, a winner in the juried exhibition! Read a note from Cornerstone Academy first-grade teacher, Kelsey Grich about the student’s first visit to AgeSong University and the hopes for a continued partnership. During the holiday’s residents took a trip to Widmer World in Pleasanton to see their famed Christmas light display. Also included are Upcoming Events and a note from Family Connect team.

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Click Image to Download AgeSong University Newsletter[PDF]

Click Image to Download AgeSong University Newsletter[PDF]


What Role Does Technology Play in Communication?

Erving Polster, PhD, 90+ year old master therapist, presenter, and author, opened the Existential Humanistic Institute 2017 Conference with an audience discussion via Skype.

Though he doesn’t see or hear very well, and no longer facilitates in-person therapeutic groups, the keynote speaker had an insightful distance conversation with conference attendees. Combining human interaction with distance delivery, the speaker and members of the audience came up with several realizations, including the following:

Erving:  The computer cannot be a good substitute for the group experience, but it can be a good intermediary.

Kirk:  The computer is difference from letter writing because it has a lot of advertisements.

Marlene:  If you were with us personally, what would be your theme for us today?


Erving: Existence (experience) comes before essence (meaning). However, the experience is not sufficient, also need meaning.  Human beings need meaning and belonging. The medium is the message is confusing.  To me it means there is an inseparability between the communicator and what he is communicating.

Sonya: Facebook is the medium, it’s not the guilty party…There’s hardly anything so good that it can’t be overdone. (i.e., reading or the computer).

Erving: How wondrous that I can be talking to you in San Francisco this way…Things can happen in communities that are stimulated by the computer.

AgeSong’s elder communities throughout the San Francisco Bay area are alive with in-person impromptu and planned groups that demonstrate the value of meaningful intergenerational  group interactions.

Through distance delivery,  the AgeSong Today blog shares this documentation with the world.



AgeSong University November/December 2016 Newsletter

The latest University Newsletter is out! Read the recent news, stories and about the upcoming events at the communities.

n this recent edition of the AgeSong University Newsletter Rev. Dr. Thomas A. Nibbe, Ph.D. writes a thank you to the Engagement and Activities director, Chris Black. Meet the Communication Coordinator, Azhelle.

Find out about AgeSong University upcoming Lifeline Screening. Life Line Screening, a leading provider of community-based
preventive health screenings, will offer their affordable, non-invasive and painless health screenings at AgeSong University on 12/21/2016.

The San Francisco Public Library’s TechMobile is designed to bring tech learning on the go. On the road since June 2015, the 30-foot vehicle and Wi-Fi hotspot is stocked with laptop computers, mobile devices and other tech equipment to facilitate learning for all ages and abilities. Got a question about your mobile device? Want to learn how to use SFPL’s online resources? Visit the TechMobile’s open lab at AgeSong University on the first and third Wednesday.

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AgeSong University November December 2016 Newsletter

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AgeSong Communities Attend AWE Annual Art Exhibit




Elders, Staff, Friends, and  Families attended Art with Elders 24th Annual Exhibit and Celebration at Laguna Honda Sunday, October 23.

AgeSong University and AgeSong at Hayes/Laguna, as well as other Elder communities in the Bay Area, enjoyed viewing the winners and their marvelous talent for art.

Congratulations to AgeSong University winner Brenda B, who is also known as “Miss B”. Miss B was born in London in 1920 and moved with her family to the countryside when she was ten. She returned to her birthplace at the age of twenty and rented a flat in Covent Garden. It was there she met her American husband-to-be and the couple moved to the United States. She has been artistically drawing since she was a little girl. Miss B’s first love has always been the theatre. One of her favorite memories is escaping with her mother to go see a performance of Noel Coward’s, “Conversation Piece”. Even at a young age she found the theatre incredible.

You can join Miss B, and other AgeSong Elders every Tuesday at 1:00 PM at AgeSong University and find out how art is beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.

Congratulations also to JoAnn and Rachel from AgeSong at Hayes/Laguna and other AgeSong community members and AWE participants who were also selected to be featured at the annual Art with Elders exhibit.





AgeSong Communities are Culture Hopping



Twenty-one rapt listeners, including community members, staff, care partner, volunteer, and family members, enjoyed a SF Conservatory of Music mezzo-soprano and pianist Sunday, October 23 at AgeSong’s Laguna Terrace.


 Back at the Hayes/Laguna communities, others were enjoying the sports on tv and Sunday afternoon movies.  In the morning, folks enjoyed exercise and a tea ceremony in the Forget-Me-Not Cafe. Freedom to be….and to engage at all the AgeSong communities!



At the same time as the  SF Conservatory of Music recital , another group of elders, from both AgeSong at Hayes/Laguna and AgeSong University, some of whom were contributing artists, attended the Art for Elders annual art exhibit.





The day before, AgeSong at WoodPark elders were mesmerized by Chinese traditional music played by high school student Lu Wang and friends, who also displayed their talent in sketching community members.

It was a “Cultural Hopping” weekend for the AgeSong’s elder communities.



AgeSong Celebrates 20 Years!


img_0552AgeSong celebrated their 20th Anniversary on October 19th on AgeSong’s lovely Laguna Terrace. Sam Peoples and Lynne Billig performed amazing jazz for the 20th Anniversary celebration. Delectable appetizers and beverages were served to community members, families and friends, and staff.



AgeSong University July/August 2016 Newsletter

The latest University Newsletter is out! Read the recent news, stories and about the upcoming events at the community.

The 2016 July/August edition includes a note about the new AgeSong University Hospice Neighborhood Grand Opening and Willie J Brown’s attendance, a note from Anna Allas, the Associate Director about the recent Family Connect Sunday Brunch and ongoing outreach. Also included are Upcoming Events, information on auditions for Youth Calvacade on Gospel Music and Celebration to be performed in September, the Victory Community Choir and an intro to Rev. Tom Nibbe’s SpiritCare Ministry at University.

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AgeSong University July/August 2016 Newsletter

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AgeSong University Engagement and Activities Calendar for July 2016

Find out when activities are going on at AgeSong University in July!

This month there are AgeStrong exercise, yoga/pilates combo, art, music,and Cooking with Elders classes, massage therapy, Garden Club group, Tea and Technology group, Resident Council, monthly birthday parties and much more. Check out the calendar to see all that is going on at University in July!

The activities and engagement programs at AgeSong University take full advantage of the vibrant urban San Francisco community, partnering with local organizations to provide elders with a full spectrum of local cultural experiences. The programs are designed to include both the local community and families in engagement activities that allow families to participate. The scheduled and spontaneous events provide the opportunity for one-on-one interactive and group engagement.

Would you like to know more?

For more information about the University Activities and Engagement program contact Christopher Black by email at

To view more University Activities Calendars visit the University page on the website

Would you like to visit AgeSong University?

Contact Anna Allas to schedule a tour! Anna is available by phone at (415) 405-5782 or by email at

Download the AgeSong University Calendar!

image of AgeSong University Engagement and Activities Calendar July 2016

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AgeSong Communities Feature “Family Connect” Program



Once a quarter (4 times a year), each AgeSong’s community will hold a Champagne Brunch for families of community members.  ”Family Connect”  will give family members an opportunity to meet with Nader Shabahangi, AgeSong Founder/CEO, as well as Community and Regional Directors and to share both issues of concern and what is going well.

Family Connect will be held the following days in June from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm:

  • Second Sunday, June 12, AgeSong at WoodPark
  • Third Sunday,  June 19, AgeSong University
  • Fourth Sunday, June 26, AgeSong at Hayes/Laguna