AgeSong Founder Shares with Sutter Staff New View of Eldering

July 23 Sutter Health invited Nader Shabahangi, AgeSong Founder and CEO, and other AgeSong representatives, to share the philosophy and history of AgeSong with Sutter staff. Nader’s presentation included the following key points:

1. Move away from labeling people with such terms as “dementia” or “Alzheimers”.
2. Growing older gives us more clarity and time to form meaningful relationships and understanding what it means “to be human.”
3. As we age, we slow down and live more in the present. We have more time for conversations and “being with,” without distractions, such as cell phones and feeling compelled to move on to the next activity.

The collaboration between AgeSong and Sutter Health brings together AgeSong’s inspirational elder community “beyond assisted living” with Sutter Health, a family of doctors and hospitals, serving more than 100 communities in Northern California.

To prepare for the event, the AgeSong team compiled a video of recent films and a quick exploration of what the elders, carepartners and community as whole do to during the year! Click here to view video.

In addition, AgeSong University community members created for Sutter employees nature bookmarks that accompanied AgeSong’s Elders Academy Press book gifts.


AgeSong Compilation Video – See what AgeSong’s Communities are doing throughout the year!

This video is an AgeSong compilation of recent films and a quick exploration of what the elders, carepartners and community as whole get up to during the year!

Find out More About AgeSong Communities in this fun AgeSong Compilation!

This most recent AgeSong video brings together some cuts from AgeSong films to give a glimpse into the activities, engagement opportunities and activism channels that are found within AgeSong residential communities.
Find out more about the type of conferences and workshops on Aging and Eldership that AgeSong hosts. Engage with the community members in music and dance classes. Share some of the performances that local community schools, theater groups and musicians bring to AgeSong.

AgeSong hosts conferences and workshops throughout the year topics include: eldership, eldercare, aging, living in place, hospice, humanistic therapy, incorporating newer care paradigms for residents with forgetfulness and changing cognition(formerly Alzheimer’s/Dementia.) All these AgeSong conferences and workshops include a diverse mix as the AgeSong community residents, interns and carepartners all participate, in addition to the related professionals who are interested.

AgeSong communities are as active as they would like to be: each of the communities enjoy wonderful long-term relationships with local schools, theater groups, volunteer and political organizations. These activities keep the elders, carepartners and interns meaningfully engaged with their local neighborhoods.

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AgeSong Livin’ Video – Afternoon Visiting in the AgeSong Forget-Me-Not Cafe

Updated Jan 29, 2015
Hello from AgeSong’s Forget-Me-Not Cafe! Watch this quick video montage of an afternoon of visiting in the Cafe here:

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“Music Together” : Tuesday’s Music Class is Jammin’ with Ami and the Elders at AgeSong

Tuesday’s are for music. Jam with Ami and the Elders for “Music Together,” an interactive, mixed instrument international music group. Dance on in and get groovy with us.

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Fresno Youth Choir Visits AgeSong and Performs

The FCYC is a honor group of singers, aged 16-26, recruited from 34 public high schools, three community colleges and two universities in Fresno County. Each summer season will culminate in a themed concert series and tour. The musical focus of the group will be on modern multicultural music that reflects the diverse communities of the Central Valley, with an emphasis on the works of local composers. This high-energy group incorporates drama, dance and visual art in their performances.