Poetics of Aging Conference Videos Added to Library

In 2011 AgeSong Institute and AgeSong Elder Communities, in
collaboration with leading Bay Area universities and organizations,
organized a four day get together for people interested in exploring
the beauty and depth of life at any stage and age.

The conference mission was to counter the mainstream understanding
of aging and decline and disease with a more expansive, humanistic,
creative vision and approach.

Poetics of Aging Conference, November 16-19, 2011, San Francisco.

Video Highlights of Poetics of Aging Conference

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Nader Shabahangi meets with Marion Rosen and Magana Baptiste.

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Poetics of Aging Conference in the Media

KRON 4 Interview with Nader Shabahangi and Chris Schacker.

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Visit the archived 2011 Poetics of Aging Conference website here.