Eldership Dinner w/ Dr Nader Shabahangi March 9th, 2017

Please join us for a light supper as we explore perceptions about aging.
Come away with a new understanding of:
What is life like as an older adult?
How can we help our loved ones as they grow older?

Thursday, March 9, 2017 
6:00PM – 8:00PM

Betti Ono Gallery 
1427 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

Nader Robert Shabahangi, PhD, CEO/Founder of AgeSongGuest Speaker: Nader Shabahangi, PhD 
Renowned aging and elder care expert
CEO/Founder of AgeSong Senior Living Communities

Eldership Dinner Presentation:
As many a philosopher and sage have pointed out, what is nearest is often the hardest to see. Particularly in our so-called adult life, it is seldom a simple matter to take a step back and evaluate how we are living. How often do we reflect on whether our ways of living are really our choice or are instead heaped on us by external influences, ranging between mainstream values, education, family, social, and cultural norms? Do these resonate with our own inner inklings and desires? Are we simply following the herd?

These questions make sense when we can see available alternatives. Moreover, new alternatives seem to be emerging. As our society ages demographically, we begin to re-evaluate the arc of life from the point of view of the mature elder. Many life philosophies and thought traditions are available to us. In a sense, we start taking a rear view perspective of our lives, looking at the values we have followed as adults mirrored by those who have long life experience.

Watching any news or informational program on television will give one a good idea of the values held by a given culture. Throughout the global north, and increasingly in the south, a common set of adult values is quite well known to us. Yet these values are seldom questioned unless something happens in our lives, perhaps a tragedy, heartbreak, or misfortune. At such a crisis, we may come to a stop, wonder about our approach to life and our attitude to people, review our direction, and even change course.

I will give a brief synopsis of dominant values in order to contrast them with a different, elder-informed set of values. Those values form part of what I call the foundation of an attitude towards life I call Eldership.

Humans are meaning-making beings. We need purpose to feel fulfilled. What is our purpose when we get older, old, and very old? How do we make sense of our accrued years within societies that have done away with the role of elders and forgotten about eldership? Clearly, the world needs elders and the values they bring to the fore. Even a cursory view of the world today and the many issues needing to be tackled shows that people and planet are not well served by our dominant adult values. Elder values can augment these adult values with a more sustainable approach to these challenges. For this to happen our aged population, our elders, need to start valuing themselves, to appreciate what their life journey has endowed them with.

It is the very process of aging that allows a person to ripen into full humanity, to develop into the elder who is able to guide and mentor the next generation. In this way, elders are to be understood as stewards of society and the planet—as has traditionally been their role. Would we not rather have the most experienced and wise leaders guiding us, especially during troubled times?
I hope to see you there,
Nader Shabahangi

Hosted by:
Center for Elder Independence
Fund for Elder’s Independence

Space is limited. Dinner and Presentation are free, RSVP is required to attend.
RSVP by Thursday, March 2, 2017 to Elana Sissons, Development Associate
Email: ESissons@cei.elders.org

AgeSong’s Nader Shabahangi to speak in Berlin on Aging

Dr Nader Shabahangi is presenting a workshop in Berlin on revisioning aging from a liability to a resource, from a burden to a gift and how aging invariably can bring us a deepening and maturing to our life’s experience.

Haus Eichkamp
Wednesday, Sept 28 5pm – 7:30pm
Thursday, Sept 29. 9:30am – 4:30pm
Haus Eichkamp,
Zikadenweg 42 A
14055 Berlin
Nähe S-Bhf. Messe-Süd

Click image to download flyer [PDF-German]

Click image to download flyer [PDF-German]

AgeSong Communities Launch “Grooming Lounge”

Three days a week, AgeSong at WoodPark, Laguna Grove, Hayes Valley, and Univeristy are launching a Grooming Lounge, based on the principle that when you look good and feel good, your quality of life is better, no matter what age or stage you are. Following are some of the tools that are currently used or planned to be implemented at WoodPark to enhance wellbeing:

  • Warm towels
  • Face Yoga
  • Home Made Facial Masques (i.e., avocado, oatmeal, yoghurt)
  • Cucumber Eye Packs
  • Gentle Hand Massage
  • Hand Soaks
  • Temporary Non-Toxic Henna Tatoos
  • Hand Dancing
  • Using Technology to See Yourself as Younger or Older or with Different Hairdos or Mustaches
  • Decorative Nails (Non-Toxic Polish Remover)
  • Self Shoulder Massage
  • Neck Roll (like on airplane, to keep spine straight)
  • Balancing a Book on Your Head
  • Dressing Up  and Making Up as Movie Star from the Past (Calendar)
  • Hand Exercise
  • Home Made Hand Creams
  • Aromatherapy
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Soft Background Music
  • Many more….

Tantalizing Dining – Chef-Prepared Creations

Everyone participates in food preparation at AgeSong. Since some people need more than three meals a day, sandwiches are made fresh every day for those who get hungry for real food, not just sweets. in mid afternoon. Even the founder’s mother gets in on the food prep, making cookies  and decorating the cookies with elders. Community members choose their favorite dishes and the chef listens. Ashley, WoodPark’s Engagement Coordinator, has started preparing culinary delights with community members on a grill and “sensational smoothes” are prepared several times a week.

AgeSong University Launches ReFIT PROGRAM

AgeSong University launched a ReFIT Program this September to give elders, both within and outside of the community, a chance to embrace physical activity at any age or stage of life. Classes, offered Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, include boot camps, yoga, endurance training, improved stability and balance, physical therapy sessions, lecture, and exercise dance. In addition to physical fitness programs, participants in the ReFIT Program are encouraged to nourish the body with the AU ReFIT Diet. Diet options include protein-rich meals, shakes, and snackes, and sports energy drinks.

The benefits of the ReFIT PROGRAM include the following:

*Rehabilitative support
*Increased range of motion
*Improved strength, balance and flexibility

During the months of September and October the ReFIT Program is open at no charge to participants outside of the AgeSong community. For more information, call (415) 337-1587.

Where has the Human Connection Gone? Oct 15th you can Join the World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment

The Liberators, an organization based in Australia, create a unique and engaging public participation event that encourages two strangers to experience a personal human connection by sharing one minute of eye contact with each other.

A film by The Liberators. Music: Eyes Wide Open by Tony Anderson

Video from KarmaTube

This video comes to us via KarmaTubeKarmaTube, an inspirational video sharing site that is a project of ServiceSpace, an all-volunteer run organization that also shares The Daily Good.

The Liberators describe themselves as “a global family of people ready to actively be a part of the change we’d like to see in this world.” This video shared here via KarmaTube shows one of the recent Liberators public engagement events created to encourage people to engage in a “human connection.” Watch as strangers interact in an act of connection that takes place as the two just share eye contact.

You Can Join the World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment

Would you like to participate? See participating cities here.
You can set up your own human connection event too! Get a How to Create
The Eye Contact Experiment Info Pack here
Find out more about the Global event taking place on October 15th, 2015 on their Facebook event page.

AgeSong University Launches Fitness Program


Jennifer J Lopez
AgeSong Director of Marketing
(650) 380- 5591

AgeSong Launches Fitness Program at AgeSong University

San Francisco, CA – September 08, 2015 – AgeSong, the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading lifestyle communities for elderly care, announced plans to launch a new program aimed at physical fitness. This new program will be called the “AgeSong Refit Program,” and will debut at AgeSong University.

“I am delighted to move forward with a unique program that will help aid thorough care of the elders residing both inside and outside of the AgeSong communities,” said Betty Dominici, AgeSong COO, “The AgeSong ReFit program will focus on flexible initiatives that all participants will feel comfortable participating in.”

The AgeSong Refit Program will give elders, within and outside of the community, a chance to embrace physical activity at any stage. Classes, nutritional oversight, and physical therapy sessions will be offered daily.

“As life progresses, physical fitness is often neglected”, said Ami Champaneri, AgeSong University Executive Director, “I am looking forward to contributing to the growth of this one-of-a-kind program and seeing the results of complete care within my community.”

To learn more about this program or to explore the current calendar or if you would like to be informed about future educational resources and events, and to join our mailing list, please contact jennifer@agesong.com.

About AgeSong
AgeSong is the leading eldercare lifestyle and forgetfulness (dementia) care provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. AgeSong encourages its residents to customize their lifestyle based on personal preference, spirituality, religious affiliation, medical and emotional needs. Care choices range from short-term rehabilitation to permanent residence. AgeSong’s fundamental belief is that through providing elders with the opportunity to live a balanced lifestyle, elders can be who they truly are. In paying attention to the needs of the individual and of the community, AgeSong offers complete lifestyle options including balanced-nutritional-selections, mental-health and physical movement programs, engagement activities, and continued learning and teaching opportunities.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, AgeSong is licensed to care for over 250 elders through its four communities and continues to lead the industry with second-to-none eldercare in areas including assisted living, ADL care (activities of daily living) Dementia/Alzheimer’s (forgetfulness care), and high acuity care. AgeSong’s communities are licensed by the department of social services.

RCFE# Laguna Grove 385600372, Hayes Valley 385600373,
AgeSong University 385600402, WoodPark 019200514

A Conversation Series Reduce the worry and anxiety. Relax with AgeSong.

AgeSong Conversation Series
Life’s journey is a roller coaster of moments, growth, and appreciation. AgeSong is delighted to present a series of conversation topics to stimulate discussion of thought-provoking ideas among those who are interested in tailoring the second half of their life to their personal preferences. Participate, collaborate, and network.

Is there a topic, event, or experience about which you would like to share or learn more?
The AgeSong team is always looking for new inspirational ideas that help us live life with more awareness and joy. If you would like to share an idea or have a burning question related to the aging process, please email Jennifer@agesong.com.

Each event will provide the opportunity to join the conversation, learn something new, and share ideas. For more information visit www.agesong.com. You may also contact Jennifer J. Lopez at Jennifer@agesong.com or (650)380-5591.

June 6, 2015
Why does your neighborhood matter? The influence your community has on your health. More Information
AgeSong WoodPark, 3121 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland, CA 94602
RSVP June 6th Event 2pm to 5pm

July 27, 2015
San Francisco is changing. Are you keeping up? Do you want to?
AgeSong University, 350 University St., San Francisco, CA 94134

August 15, 2015
Music and health. Ideas on how to have more music in your life.
AgeSong Hayes Valley, 601 Laguna St., San Francisco, CA 94102

September 12, 2015
What’s money got to do with it? Understanding your attitude towards money.
AgeSong WoodPark, 3121 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland, CA 94602

October 17, 2015
Discover your own Picasso. How to bring art back into your life.
AgeSong University, 350 University St., San Francisco, CA 94134

November 7, 2015
Local organic, non-GMO, carbon free, etc. What does the food craze have to do with me?
AgeSong Laguna Grove, 624 Laguna St., San Francisco, CA 94102

Silence…an endangered species

See how nature – trees, flowers, grass – grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls. –Mother Theresa

Sounds of Silence

–by Gordon Hempton, syndicated from onbeing.org, Feb 16, 2015

The day will come when man will have to fight noise as inexorably as cholera and the plague.” So said the Nobel Prize-winning bacteriologist Robert Koch in 1905. A century later, that day has drawn much nearer. Today silence has become an endangered species. Our cities, our suburbs, our farm communities, even our most expansive and remote national parks are not free from human noise intrusions. Nor is there relief even at the North Pole; continent-hopping jets see to that. Moreover, fighting noise is not the same as preserving silence. Our typical anti-noise strategies — earplugs, noise cancellation headphones, even noise abatement laws — offer no real solution because they do nothing to help us reconnect and listen to the land. And the land is speaking.

We’ve reached a time in human history when our global environmental crisis requires that we make permanent life-style changes. More than ever before, we need to fall back in love with the land. Silence is our meeting place.

It is our birthright to listen, quietly and undisturbed, to the natural environment and take whatever meanings we may. Long before the noises of mankind, there were only the sounds of the natural world. Our ears evolved perfectly tuned to hear these sounds-sounds that far exceed the range of human speech or even our most ambitious musical performances: a passing breeze that indicates a weather change, the first birdsongs of spring heralding a regreening of the land and a return to growth and prosperity, an approaching storm promising relief from a drought, and the shifting tide reminding us of the celestial ballet. All of these experiences connect us back to the land and to our evolutionary past.

One Square Inch of Silence is a place in the Hoh Rain Forest, part of Olympic National Park — arguably the quietest place in the United States. But it, too, is endangered, protected only by a policy that is neither practiced by the National Park Service itself nor supported by adequate laws. My hope is that One Square Inch will trigger a quiet awakening in all those willing to become true listeners.

Preserving natural silence is as necessary and essential as species preservation, habitat restoration, toxic waste cleanup, and carbon dioxide reduction, to name but a few of the immediate challenges that confront us in this still young century. The good news is that rescuing silence can come much more easily than tackling these other problems. A single law would signal a huge and immediate improvement. That law would prohibit all aircraft from flying over our most pristine national parks.

Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything. It lives here, profoundly, at One Square Inch in the Hoh Rain Forest. It is the presence of time, undisturbed. It can be felt within the chest. Silence nurtures our nature, our human nature, and lets us know who we are. Left with a more receptive mind and a more attuned ear, we become better listeners not only to nature but to each other. Silence can be carried like embers from a fire. Silence can befound, and silence can find you. Silence can be lost and also recovered. But silence cannot be imagined, although most people think so. To experience the soul-swelling wonder of silence, you must hear it.

Silence is a sound, many, many sounds. I’ve heard more than I can count. Silence is the moonlit song of the coyote signing the air, and the answer of its mate. It is the falling whisper of snow that will later melt with an astonishing reggae rhythm so crisp that you will want to dance to it. It is the sound of pollinating winged insects vibrating soft tunes as they defensively dart in and out of the pine boughs to temporarily escape the breeze, a mix of insect hum and pine sigh that will stick with you all day. Silence is the passing flock of chestnut-backed chickadees and red-breasted nuthatches, chirping and fluttering, reminding you of your own curiosity.

Have you heard the rain lately? America’s great northwest rain forest, no surprise, is an excellent place to listen. Here’s what I’ve heard at One Square Inch of Silence. The first of the rainy season is not wet at all. Initially, countless seeds fall from the towering trees. This is soon followed by the soft applause of fluttering maple leaves, which settle oh so quietly as a winter blanket for the seeds. But this quiet concert is merely a prelude.

When the first of many great rainstorms arrives, unleashing its mighty anthem, each species of tree makes its own sound in the wind and rain. Even the largest of the raindrops may never strike the ground. Nearly 300 feet overhead, high in the forest canopy, the leaves and bark absorb much of the moisture … until this aerial sponge becomes saturated and drops re-form and descend farther … striking lower branches and cascading onto sound-absorbing moss drapes … tapping on epiphytic ferns … faintly plopping on huckleberry bushes … and whacking the hard, firm salal leaves … before, finally, the drops inaudibly bend the delicate clover-like leaves of the wood sorrel and drip to leak into the ground. Heard day or night, this liquid ballet will continue for more than an hour after the actual rain ceases.

Recalling the warning of Robert Koch, developer of the scientific method that identifies the causes of disease, I believe the unchecked loss of silence is a canary in a coal mine-a global one. If we cannot make a stand here, if we turn a deaf ear to the issue of vanishing natural quiet, how can we expect to fare better with more complex environmental crises?

This article originally appeared in On Being. On Being is a Peabody Award-winning public radio conversation and podcast, a Webby Award-winning website and online exploration, a publisher and public event convener.

AgeSong Launches “The Guru Project”

AgeSong announces an initiative aimed at learning from elders called
“The Guru Project” The Guru Project logo

San Francisco, CA – February 11, 2015 – AgeSong, the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading lifestyle communities for elderly care, announced today a partnership with three of the industry’s leading experts in the care for elders to launch a new initiative called “The Guru Project”. This partnership is focused on minimizing the use of medication in geriatric mental health care.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to partner with three of the industry’s leading experts in the area of mental health to thoroughly explore the approach of care for those who are in various stages of forgetfulness, what is commonly diagnosed as Alzheimers and/or Dementia, with reduced use of medications,” AgeSong CEO and founder, Dr. Nader Shabahangi said.  “The AgeSong Guru Project will focus on learning directly from elders who are living with the changes brought on by forgetfulness (Alzheimers/Dementia).  Much of the industry resources focus on “instant gratification” medications that often restrict the life of the person, whose lifestyle is shifting due to mental and physical changes.  This project is solely based on what elders verbal and non-verbal communication is trying to tell us. We will look at any behavior as an expression of need we, the observers and care partners, must explore and understand more deeply.”

The AgeSong Guru Project is a one-year initiative that will focus on comprehensive care partnerships with elders to understand need-driven behaviors and minimize risky use of psychotropic medication.  To complete this project AgeSong has engaged in a partnership with Psychiatrist and Pacific Institute board member Dr. Richard Patel; Geriatrician, Dr. Allen Power; and Psychologist, Dr. Richard Taylor.

“As people progress with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, their humanity increases. As care takers, we must be prepared for that humanity as it is ‘unleashed’,” said Dr. Richard Taylor.  “Having been diagnosed with Dementia over ten years ago, I am delighted to support one of AgeSong’s key core value’s with this project, enabling elders to live a balanced and uninhibited life.  I am looking forward to witnessing our results being implemented within an organization that is changing the way eldercare is approached.”

Lectures and workshops are open to the public. To register for an upcoming event associated with the Guru Project, click here. If you would like to be informed about future educational resources and events, please click here to join our mailing list.

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