Violin Dazzles Young Virtuoso and His Audience

img_0804AgeSong community members welcome back Timothy McClure, a young violin virtuoso, during the holiday season.  He performed in the Forget-Me-Not Cafe November 2.  Stay tuned for return visits.


Timothy began violin lessons for one reason: more time with Mom, who also happened to be his violin teacher. As wonderful as that time was, he continued his studies because the violin dazzled him. Timothy pursued his passion by traveling hundreds of miles to study with teachers along the Atlantic sea board, then a couple thousand more to study violin performance at Brigham Young University. He and his violin became proficient in classical, Celtic fiddle, and Bluegrass styles. They are happy to perform throughout the Bay Area and beyond, in symphonic, chamber music, and solo venues. Competitions Timothy has won include the First Stage Competition in West Virginia, the Wintergreen Music Festival Audience Favorite Award, and the NFMC Oscar Valentine Violin Competition. Summer music camp/festival appearances include Music in the Mountains Suzuki Institute, the Fry Street Quartet Chamber camp, the Wintergreen Music Festival, and the BYU Spring Opera.

Dental Hygienist Conducts House Calls at Hayes/Laguna Elder Communities



No matter how old we are, we all need to have our teeth cleaned.  I discovered Michelle Bernardo, a registered Dental Hygienist, who does house calls! She’s been a hygienist for over twenty years.

In my case, my 91 year-old father, who resides at AgeSong Hayes Valley, reached a point that his dentist and I agreed that visiting the dentist was no longer beneficial. But he still needed regular teeth cleanings. It was getting harder and harder to pick him up and take him to an appointment. Luckily, I found Ms. Bernardo who performs the cleanings at a client’s residence anywhere in San Francisco or the East Bay. She schedules his appointments and coordinates with the front desk.  I’ve found her extremely professional and communicative in the almost two years that she has been seeing my father. I’m so delighted with her service; I wanted to make sure everyone knows this option is an available.

Good oral health is an important part of maintaining overall health. We all know how painful teeth problems can be, and we certainly want to avoid that for our loved ones, especially those that can’t verbalize the pain they may face.

This article was written  by the daughter of an AgeSong community member.


Michelle R. Bernardo has been a Registered Dental Hygienist since 1994 when she graduated from New York University School of Dentistry. That same year, she returned to the Bay Area and passed the California dental boards to become a practicing Registered Dental Hygienist.Recognizing that there was a significant need for home service to treat the elderly and homebound, Michelle completed a special program at the University of the Pacific in 2004, and passed the boards to become a Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice. She now divides her time between this office and visiting homebound and elderly patients throughout the Bay Area (

Volunteer Groups Bring Joy to Hayes/Laguna Elders





Starting off with a group walk to the park on a sunny November afternoon, elders and San Francisco College of Arts visual design students paraded up Hayes Street to the Laguna Terrace.

They were joined by community members from all floors of AgeSong’s Hayes and Laguna elder communities, family members, friends, staff, and about 23 students of  Clara McAllister’s Music Studio, a SF-based music class, who performed a recital.

In all, about 50 folk from 1 to almost 100 years old performed and listened attentively to the delightful recital.

Building Relationships through Dance & Movement

The goal of the weekly Elders Academy session was to  demonstrate how dance movements can be used to build relationships. Participants included Hayes/Laguna community members of varying abilities and memory, gerowellness interns, and staff.

After an explanation of the four stages of an exercise regime (warm-up, aerobics, resistance, and cool-down), Cuo,  visiting dance therapist, demonstrated sitting stretches and breath work .

During the resistance stage (muscle building), interns and elders worked in pairs. When Cuo progressed to aerobics, community members started dancing.  The floor livened up.

Intergenerational relationship building through non-verbal dance & movement, and other forms of meaningful engagement. That’s AgeSong.

Halloween, No One Left Out at Forget-Me-Not Cafe






Banana Ghosts, Deviled Eggs, Tangerine Pumpkins, All Prepared by Chef David


AgeSong Hayes Valley/Laguna Grove November/December 2016 Newsletter

The latest Hayes Valley/Laguna Grove Newsletter is out! Read the recent news, stories and about the upcoming events at the communities.

In this edition of the Hayes Valley & Laguna Grove Newsletter read about the AgeSong tradition of the Festival of Lights. This year the Festival of Lights Celebration is scheduled for Dec 7 from 6pm -8pm. Meet Chuck, September’s Elder Teacher and Teresa, October’s Elder Teacher. Also meet the “Senior Wonders” and Cheney Beshara, the art facilitator who inspires these AgeSong artists every other Wednesday in the Cafe. Read a note from Executive Director, Merryn Oliveira, where she discusses the upcoming holidays, the Festival of Lights and the hours for Forget-Me-Not Cafe which now open afternoons Mon- Sat for visiting by family, friends, and elders in the neighborhood. Get the Forget-Me-Not Cafe daily schedule of events.

Check out the AgeSong Hayes Valley/Laguna Grove November/December 2016 Newsletter!

AgeSong Hayes Valley/Laguna Grove November December 2016 Newsletter

Click to download the November/December Newsletter

The Forget-Me-Not Cafe is Now Open to the Public

Now Open to the Public Afternoons Monday through Saturday.

logo for AgeSong's Forget-Me-Not Cafe

The Forget-Me-Not Cafe is located at the corner of Hayes & Laguna, in Hayes Valley, the most ‘happening” neighborhood in SF.

The Cafe is now officially open to visitors Monday through Saturday afternoons.

Visitors welcome: including families, neighborhood elders with disabilities, and adults with forgetfulness (must be accompanied by family member or escort), are welcome to join community members in both structured and spontaneous groups, as well as engage in informal conversations.

Following is a general schedule of activities:

(a) Mon., Piano & Song, Brain Games;
(b) Tues.,Cooking Demo & Discussion, Flower Arranging;
(c) Wed., Elders Academy, FreeForm Art;
(d) Thurs., ArmChair Travel, Games;
(e) Fri. Toy Project/TGIF Dance Party;
(f) Sat. Live Entertainment.

Contact Sally Gelardin, Engagement Director at for more

Daily participatory snacks are fresh from the kitchen. All activities are subject to change at any time.

AgeSong Communities Attend AWE Annual Art Exhibit




Elders, Staff, Friends, and  Families attended Art with Elders 24th Annual Exhibit and Celebration at Laguna Honda Sunday, October 23.

AgeSong University and AgeSong at Hayes/Laguna, as well as other Elder communities in the Bay Area, enjoyed viewing the winners and their marvelous talent for art.

Congratulations to AgeSong University winner Brenda B, who is also known as “Miss B”. Miss B was born in London in 1920 and moved with her family to the countryside when she was ten. She returned to her birthplace at the age of twenty and rented a flat in Covent Garden. It was there she met her American husband-to-be and the couple moved to the United States. She has been artistically drawing since she was a little girl. Miss B’s first love has always been the theatre. One of her favorite memories is escaping with her mother to go see a performance of Noel Coward’s, “Conversation Piece”. Even at a young age she found the theatre incredible.

You can join Miss B, and other AgeSong Elders every Tuesday at 1:00 PM at AgeSong University and find out how art is beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.

Congratulations also to JoAnn and Rachel from AgeSong at Hayes/Laguna and other AgeSong community members and AWE participants who were also selected to be featured at the annual Art with Elders exhibit.





AgeSong Communities are Culture Hopping



Twenty-one rapt listeners, including community members, staff, care partner, volunteer, and family members, enjoyed a SF Conservatory of Music mezzo-soprano and pianist Sunday, October 23 at AgeSong’s Laguna Terrace.


 Back at the Hayes/Laguna communities, others were enjoying the sports on tv and Sunday afternoon movies.  In the morning, folks enjoyed exercise and a tea ceremony in the Forget-Me-Not Cafe. Freedom to be….and to engage at all the AgeSong communities!



At the same time as the  SF Conservatory of Music recital , another group of elders, from both AgeSong at Hayes/Laguna and AgeSong University, some of whom were contributing artists, attended the Art for Elders annual art exhibit.





The day before, AgeSong at WoodPark elders were mesmerized by Chinese traditional music played by high school student Lu Wang and friends, who also displayed their talent in sketching community members.

It was a “Cultural Hopping” weekend for the AgeSong’s elder communities.