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Articles | AgeSong in the News March 20, 2014
udyth Piazza interviews Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D. CEO and Founder of AgeSong, Inc.

Judyth Piazza, CEO and Editor, of The Student Operated Press, The SOP, speaks with AgeSong’s Nader Shabahangi in this “The American Perspective” interview about what motivates him, how he defines success, who his mentors were, why he came to found AgeSong and more. Listen to Judyth Piazza’s interview with Nader Shabahangi here.
Mobile Link to mp3 of Judyth’s interview with Nader here.[17:36]

SF Chronicle January 18, 2014
AgeSong Assists Failing Local Care Facility’s Residents

SF Chronicle writer Jaxon Van Derbeken outlines the story of how state regulatory agency put the residents of two care facilities in danger in his piece entitled “How state’s failures put 2 care homes’ residents at risk.” AgeSong was able to step in on behalf of the residents of one of the facilities and now the facility renamed “WoodPark” is an AgeSong Residential Community. Read Jaxon Van Derbeken’s original article here. November 25, 2011
For Baby Boomers, Aging Is The Next Frontier [Poetics of Aging Conference November 2011]

Laura Paull, former Supervising Editor for Citizen Journalism at HuffingtonPost attends the 2011 Poetics of Aging Conference and speaks with AgeSong CEO Nader Shabahangi, Conference Chair Sally Gelardin about the future of Aging and how “Baby Boomers are now at the beginning of a process of reinventing what “old age” will look like when they assume the mantle.” A timely read that captures the spirit of this new approach and direction of Aging.
Read the full article by Laura Paull here.

Videos | AgeSong in the News

KTVU May, 2009
A New Way of Communicating

KTVU does a segment with Dr Nader Shabahangi and his patient at AgeSong Elder Community and discusses the use of Photo Voice to open the communication between patient and doctor. The piece talks about just one of the new ways of communicating with people suffering from forgetfulness. This piece is from March of 2009.

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