2012-2013 AgeSong Institute Students Asked, “What If We Couldn’t Wait To Grow Old?”

2002 – 2013 AgeSong and Pacific Institute’s Counseling Interns kicked off the new school year at AgeSong of San Francisco July 19-22, 2012, with a celebration and three-day intensive training which focused on the phenomenological, existential and process work approaches to counseling.

The Intern orientation started on Thursday evening, the 19th of July in the afternoon. The new interns talked with their neighbors in pairs, then introduced each other. During the following three days,  representatives of the AgeSong communities discussed how to behave with elders and how help them during our internship, accompanied by exercises to understand better  elders and their clinical diagnoses.  Representatives of the AgeSong communities spoke about how enrichment, wellness, community, relations, and food service supported the application of the AgeSong mission to enhance the quality of life, growth, and creativity of residents.

AgeSong’s Interns participate in the program for one year and are primarily Doctoral and Masters level students. They experience several times a month clinical reviews, trainings, and group supervision. They meet regularly with new residents at AgeSong communities, helping them to do everything from classes and activities, to enjoying walks in the neighborhood, to helping them work through serious emotional issues. Throughout their internship, participants will develop their own style of care, support and clinical skill. It is a comprehensive program emphasizing the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of aging.

We welcome this year’s interns and visiting international students from the following universities:

  • Alliant International University – Fresno, Irvine, San Francisco and San Diego
  • American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University
  • California Institute of Integral Studies
  • California School of Professional Psychology
  • John F Kennedy University Graduate School of Professional Psychology
  • Saybrook University
  • The Chicago School – LA
  • University of Arkansas
  • University of Paris
  • University of San Francisco

Barbara Cox, Ph.D., and Cori Pamsarasa, Psy.D., have joined the AgeSong team to lead the 2012-2013 counseling interns at Bayside Park. They will be supervising the doctoral and MFT students as they work closely with our residents here in Bayside Park. Each will be involved in the training of counselling interns, and also will meeting with the interns every week individually to review their resident cases.

Both Barbara, who is AgeSong’s new Clinical Director, and Cori, AgeSong’s new Clinical Supervisor, have extensive backgrounds in psychology. Barbara has worked for the Department of Defence in the past, and now sees clients to help optimize their performance at work for her private practice. Cori was a training director and clinical director at publicly funded community mental health agencies, and also has experience working for Vericare at various elder care communities.

Each of these incoming staff members are excited to get behind the AgeSong philosophy that promotes growth late in aging. They believe that it is a visionary model of elder care, and want to help facilitate and promote it as much as they can—and we’re right there with them!

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