AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation Day 1 Session 5 video

Constance Hunt, M.A., Registered Art Therapist leads this session and discusses art therapy at AgeSong in the AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation Day 1 Session 5 video.

This fifth session of Day 1’s Orientation gives an overview of art therapy enrichment at AgeSong Hayes Valley and Laguna Grove Communities. Constance will be doing future training with the Gero-Wellness Interns in the upcoming year.

Constance is a life long artist who went back to graduate school to become an art therapist. Her internships were in a residence for adolescents who are a danger to self, others or gravely disabled, then the School of the Blind and an elders church name quilt project for congregation members who died of aids. After this she did another internship with elders at AgeSong. Constance was hired with AgeSong after her internship and leads art therapy enrichment within the AgeSong Communities.

Constance starts the discussion with a list of some of the types of art therapy and a brief history of art therapy. She asks the interns what art therapy means to them. Art therapy at AgeSong is accessible to all levels, those engaged are empowered by making choices, it is a creation tool and an opportunity to create dialogue.

Constance discusses some specific safety concerns and the suggestion that before a project is brought to the community is testing of art projects before some of the guidelines to be followed up with a handout.

est it before bringing it to an art group in the community. Suggestions to consider when testing a new project: How difficult is this project? How much time do you have for the project? What are the project safety concerns?

Constant discusses suggestions on how to talk with someone about their art. “Tell me about your drawing.” Invite them into the process.

Constance concludes the an art session with the group. She opens and closes the group. Choosing colors that fit how they are feeling, then fill out a mandala with their upcoming expectations for the upcoming year. On the outside put the things that might distract them In the coming year as the interns and Constance work together there will be opportunities to work with and on the mandala.

The AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation Day 1 Session 5 video is one of the AgeSong Educational Series videos. Thid is one of fourteen filmed during the two-day orientation for the AgeSong Gero-Wellness. These orientation sessions are the first training sessions that the interns will engage in during their 1-year internship in the Gero-Wellness.

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AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation Day 1 Session 4 video

This fourth session of the AgeSong 2014 Orientation discusses Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy. Nader Shabahangi and Vincent Siekiewicz each discuss how E-H Therapy pertains to the AgeSong communities. Nader discusses how the Gero-Wellness Interns can engage in existential-humanistic relationships with the residents in the coming year.

AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation: Day 1 Session 4 video

Nader Shabahangi starts the session off by polling the group with the question of what they think Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy is.

There are great responses from the group including:

  • It is a person to person centered approach
  • To be really present with other
  • Relationship
  • Be open to all kinds of ways of looking at life
  • Walking with
  • Being a witness to the journey
  • Be with the other
  • Lose myself to be open to the other

As Nader points out the concept of being “present” is antithetical to traditional therapy where the therapist is supposed to have a “hypothesis” about what is going on with the client.

Vincent Sienkiewicz talks about how E-H Therapy pertains to working with elders at AgeSong communities. He discusses Jim Bugental’s view that E-H Therapy is another level beyond Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy.

Here is an excerpt from Vincent’s discussion on Jim Bugental’s view of these levels:

“Existential-Humanistic Therapy is the ability to not just kind of understand who you are, but to also realize the greater freedom of existence and the ability to kind of adjust that greater sort of picture and to change, you know, with the times. ”

And the connection that this has with this population is the fact that these older adults have been through alot of these changes.

I believe that this population is particularly ripe for exploring these issues of existence, who they have been in the past and who they are now, who they’d like to be and how to shift it.”

Nader finishes the session with a discussion into the differences between “process comment” and “content comment” and how it pertains to the work within the “moment.”

This is one of the AgeSong Educational Series videos from the 2014 Gero-Wellness Intern Orientation. The AgeSong 2014 Intern Orientation: Day 1 Session 4 video is just one of the 14 videos included in the 2014 orientation and training series.

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AgeSong Livin’ Video – Afternoon Visiting in the AgeSong Forget-Me-Not Cafe

Updated Jan 29, 2015
Hello from AgeSong’s Forget-Me-Not Cafe! Watch this quick video montage of an afternoon of visiting in the Cafe here:

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International Visitor Léonard Chatelain Shares His AgeSong Experience

As a participant in the AgeSong 2014 International Visitor Program Léonard Chatelain spent part of his summer here at AgeSong. He has created this video to share his and his fellow participants experiences at AgeSong.

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Fresno Youth Choir Visits AgeSong and Performs

The FCYC is a honor group of singers, aged 16-26, recruited from 34 public high schools, three community colleges and two universities in Fresno County. Each summer season will culminate in a themed concert series and tour. The musical focus of the group will be on modern multicultural music that reflects the diverse communities of the Central Valley, with an emphasis on the works of local composers. This high-energy group incorporates drama, dance and visual art in their performances.