AgeSong Guru Week Community Discussion on Forgetfulness Care video

AgeSong Guru Project partners, Dr.’s Richard Taylor and Allen Power, engage in a roof-top AgeSong Guru Week Community Discussion on Forgetfulness Care (Dementia/Alzheimer’s) at AgeSong’s Laguna Park residence. The open group forum includes AgeSong Community Residents, CarePartners and Interns from the AgeSong GeroWellness program.


AgeSong Guru Week Community Discussion on Forgetfulness Care

The video opens on a frank discussion starting with Dr. Richard Taylor. Included in this group discussion are AgeSong Residents, AgeSong CarePartners and AgeSong GeroWellness Interns. The participants share views both from the caregiver’s perspective and from the perspective of those with varying levels of forgetfulness (dementia/Alzheimer’s). Topics include the types of things we can do in a community like this that will give resident’s the fullest life possible, regardless of their mortality or abilities. The residents, interns and doctors discuss truth-telling in care, white lies, communication, being “present” with patient, labels and stigma associated with forgetfulness, dementia and aging.
What are the types of things we can do in a community like this that will give resident’s the fullest life possible, regardless of their mortality or abilities?


The AgeSong Guru Project

The AgeSong Guru Project is a year-long initiative which focuses on comprehensive care partnerships with elders to understand need-driven behaviors and minimize risky use of psychotropic medication.

To complete this project AgeSong has engaged in a partnership with Psychiatrist and Pacific Institute board member Dr. Richard Patel; Geriatrician, Dr. Allen Power; and Psychologist, Dr. Richard Taylor.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to partner with three of the industry’s leading experts in the area of mental health to thoroughly explore the approach of care for those who are in various stages of forgetfulness, what is commonly diagnosed as Alzheimers and/or Dementia, with reduced use of medications,” AgeSong CEO and founder, Dr. Nader Shabahangi said. “The AgeSong Guru Project will focus on learning directly from elders who are living with the changes brought on by forgetfulness (Alzheimers/Dementia). Much of the industry resources focus on “instant gratification” medications that often restrict the life of the person, whose lifestyle is shifting due to mental and physical changes. This project is solely based on what elders verbal and non-verbal communication is trying to tell us. We will look at any behavior as an expression of need we, the observers and care partners, must explore and understand more deeply.”

Dr. Richard Taylor

Dr. Richard Taylor is a retired psychologist and author of “Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out.” As a doctor with dementia himself he has experienced not only the change of state that happens internally but that which happens in external relationships also. He has experienced the change that occurs within the circle of family, friends as community. Dr. Taylor eloquently discusses his experience of living well with dementia.

Dr. Allen Power

Dr. Allen Power, is a board certified internist and geriatrician, clinical associate professor of medicine at the University of Rochester. Dr Power is the author of paradigm shifting books including “Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care” and the latest, “Dementia Beyond Disease.” As a practicing internist he discovered he was questioning the paradigm and efficacy of just using medication to treat dementia;that perhaps the “deficit-based view that focuses on neuropathology and tends to blame brain disease for distress” is not the best care paradigm for these patients. Instead he suggests: “the experiential approach holds that the best way to care for a person living with dementia is to understand them as a person and their individual experience; so I use the very holistic definition that “Dementia is a shift in the way a person experiences the world around her/him.” This idea of changing perspective is something to which we all can relate, and this commonality helps us build a bridge to better understand the person’s needs.”

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